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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
Jean is in there as Marvel Girl. (Honestly, I've been considering renaming her, but this is for her pre-Phoenix days, so I need a name to fit her green-with-yellow-X original X-Factor uniform.) She was Phoenix during her brief mind-controlled time as the Black Queen.
Ah, I see.
Although I assume her stats would be quite different as the Phoenix.

Maddy is a tragic character, but she's not a Year One character by any stretch of the imagination; she's not likely to show up. If I was not statting an entirely new timeline, she'd be on my list.
That's a shame, it would have been nice to see that.

Psylocke may eventually show up, but she'll likely be a secret agent for STRIKE, the UK version of SHIELD. Kitty at this time will be a student at the Xavier Institute; I have her (and Lockheed!) slated for covering the Institute's student body when I get around to doing the anthology "title".
Sounds good.
Do you have a lot of characters ahead of her?

Oh, do you know about the expanded Weakness and Resistant rules from Pyramid?

If you don't know, the expanded Weakness rules (from Pyramid 3/58) has the Quickened enhancement, which is basically Reduced Time, as well as the Resistible limitation, which when exposed to your weakness allows you to roll against HT or Will (chosen when you take the limitation) and success means no damage, for -50% cost. The roll can get a +1 bonus for a extra -10%, with a maximum bonus of +5.

The expanded Resistant rules (from Pyramid 3/97) have immune for x1 cost, +14 for x4/5, +12 for x2/3, +10 for x3/5, +8 for 1/2, +5 for x2/5, +3 for 1/3 and +1 for x1/5.

I didn't see it in your work, and thought that you might not know about it, and that it could be useful for you.
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