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Default Re: Independent Income at later TL stages

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
This strikes me as much more appropriate. You'd need to adjust the suggested wages, however, as those are built roughly as "CoL + 10% Starting Wealth;" if you want to maintain that and have CoL be 80% of monthly wage, you'd need income to be right around 50% of Starting Wealth per month, which is... pretty freaking high.
I'd probably just note that this is really just applying the 80/20 rule to income as well as initial resources. I'd probably do something simpler for PCs such as "hourly income = base wealth/1,000; CoL = base wealth/10", so it takes 100 hours/month to cover your cost of living. This also means 1 level of independent income is worth 10 hours per month (1 point in less sleep would be half an hour a day or 15 hours per month, but less sleep doesn't count against your limit of 8 hours per day for long tasks; this in turn implies "can work long hours without penalties" is worth 1 point for +1 hour/day).

The 1/10 rule, while simple, does produce costs below survivable levels for Struggling at TL 0 and Poor at TL 1-3, so there might be a need to tweak things at TL 3 and lower.
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