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Default Alien Race Template Feedback

Apologies if it seems like I'm spamming the forum, but I figured a different topic requires a new thread, so... ta-da?

Anyway, I've been working on some racial templates for a sci-fi game that I'm planning on running and I've gotten five of them in a state that I'm ready to get some feedback on. There are nine that I plan on having from the get go, which given the other options available should be more than enough. I'm mainly looking for feedback on how to make them more unique or reinforce the things that make them special and if I'm making them too bloated. For those interested, here's a link to the races as a Google Doc that you can comment on. I've also included the finished ones below if you really don't care to open up a new window/tab.

Syren (50 points)
Syrens are space elves from a cold planet that don’t take heat well. They tend to be imaginative, if distractible. They also have a love of and talent for sharing stories.
+1 DX [20] B15
+1 Per [5] B16
-1 HT [-10] B15
Acute Vision 3 [6] B35
Acute Hearing 1 [2] B35
Extended Lifespan 1 (Early Maturation 1 (Mature at 18 years)) [2] B53
Flexibility [5] B56
Night Vision 5 [5] B71
Perfect Balance [15] B74
Talent: Syren Storyteller [5] B89
Dancing B187
Musical Influence B210
Musical Instrument B211
Poetry B214
Public Speaking (Storytelling) B216
Singing B220
Voice [10] B97
Vulnerability (x2, FP Only, Common (High Temperatures)) [-15] B161
Hardcore fantasy fans often compare them to elves.
Comfort zone is between 20°F - 75°F
Early Maturation 1 (Mature at 18 years)
Long, pointed ears that can be at any angle between vertical and horizontal and are between 3 to 5 inches long
Black, blue, silver, or violet hair
Dark grey scarela with blue, gray, green, or white irises
Pale skin with a tinge of blue to pinkish skin
Average five feet to five and a half feet in height

Morsk (50 points)
Morsk are armored, space-raptor warriors. They have a tendency to look down on most other races, with softy being a common word for any non-mosrk.
+ 2 ST [20] B14
+ 1 HT [10] B15
+ 5 HP [10] B16
- 1 IQ [-20] B15
Claws (Sharp Claws) [5] B42
Damage Resistance 3 (Hardened, Armor Plates, outside) [18] B46
Damage Resistance 2 (Flexible, inside) [8] B46
Hard to Kill 1 [2] B58
High Pain Threshold [10] B59
Striker (Long (+2 SM), Cannot Parry, Clumsy (-1 to hit)) [11] B88
Teeth (Sharp) [1] B91
Universal Digestion [5] B95
Code of Honor (Warrior’s) [-10] B127
Hidebound [-5] B138
Bad Temper (9) [-15]
Comfort Zone is between 35°F - 90°F
Find normal humanoid chairs uncomfortable
Often mistaken for dinosaurs by the ignorant
Thick plates over a thick, tough hide
Plates are brown, black, and gray
Skin is red, brown, black, tan, or gray
Eyes are black, brown, or gold with slitted pupils
Hands and feet have sharp claws
Average about five feet tall with four-foot long tails
Code of Honor
Never back away from a challenge.
Treat honorable opponents with honor and dishonorable ones with contempt.
Never show fear.
Respect strength and dismiss weakness.
Never let an insult stand unchallenged.

Orm (50 Points)
The Orm are a race of friendly, eight-legged, otter-esque beings with a knack for engineering and mechanics. Most of them claim to have sarcasm as a defense against stupidity.
SM -1
+1 DX [20]
-2 ST [-20]
-3 Basic Move [-15] B17
+2 Basic Move (Temporary Disadvantage: No Extra Arms, -20%) [+8] B17
+1 Basic Move (Temporary Disadvantage: No Fine Manipulators, -30%) [+3] B17
Amphibious [10] B40
Breath-Holding 1 [2] B41
Catfall [10] B41
Double-Jointed [15] B56
Extra Arms 4 (Short) [20] B53
High Manual Dexterity 1 [5] B59
Perk: Compact Frame [1] PU2:13
Perk: Fur [1] B101
Prehensile Toes [4] B53
Chummy [-5] B126
Short Arms [-10] B53
Skinny [-5] B18
Comfort Zone is between 25°F - 80°F
Two foot long tail
Black, brown, gray, or white fur
Large, dark eyes
Otter-like head and limbs
Raccoon-like paws with thicker fingers and webbing between them

Maki-liki (50 points)
Very attractive, green-skinned humanoids with uncanny situational awareness and very sensitive skin. They are among the best pilots in the galaxy, though most are only aware of those that make big names for themselves, such as Salacious V.
+1 DX [20] B15
+2 Will [10] B16
3D Spatial Sense [10] B34
Acute Touch 3 [6] B35
Appearance (Handsome/Beautiful) [12] B21
Improved G-Tolerance [5] B60
Talent:Maki-Liki Talent [5] B89
Acrobatics B174
Boating/TL B180
Driving/TL B188
Free Fall B197
Navigation/TL B211
Piloting/TL B214
Low Pain Threshold [-10] B142
Reputation (Risque behavior and being flirts, -1 from most people, -3 from “moral guardians”, +1 from people with Lecherous or Flirt) [-8]
Two antennae used for their spatial awareness that act as erogenous zones
Comfort Zone is between 35°F - 90°F
Large eyes that can be blue, violet, gold, brown, or green
Skin can be varying shades of green, blue-green, pine-green
Black, blue, red, or violet hair
Two antennae that come from their forehead, just below the hairline
Otherwise, look like humans.

Crish (50 points)
Big, hulking brutes with long, powerful arms; a nose to make bloodhounds envious; and sunny dispositions. Many of them have a passion for food and cooking.
SM +2 B19
+3 ST [24] B15
+2 HT [20] B16
-1 DX [-20] B16
Acute Taste and Smell 2 [4] B35
Damage Resistance 3 (Flexible) [12] B46
Discriminatory Smell [15] B49
Discriminatory Taste [10] B49
Ham-Fisted 1 [-5] B138
Klutz [-5] B141
Very Heavy [-5] Custom Disadvantage
Comfort Zone is between 35°F - 90°F
Voice is deep and booming
Low sexual dimorphism
Tall (up to 9 feet) and broad (3 feet at the shoulder) with big bellies and barrel chests
Blue, gray, green, orange, red, or yellow skin
No hair
Small eyes
Long thick arms
Short stumpy legs

Yddluc (50 Points)
Maniacal megalomaniac furballs that want nothing more than to rule the galaxy, or be the ones serving the the ones that rule the galaxy. Fortunately for everyone else, they are utterly inept at it.
SM -2 B19
- 4 ST [-40]
+1 DX [+20]
+2 HT [+20]
+5 HP [+10]
Fur [1] B101
Pitiable [5] B22
Unfazeable [15] B95
Regeneration (1 HP/12 Hours, Heals Radiation - 10 Rads/12 Hours) [14] B80
Regrowth [40] B80
Megalomania [-10] B136
Reputation (Maniacal, Megalomaniac Furballs, -4 to Reactions, Recognized on a roll of 10 or less) [-10] B155
Stubbornness [-5] B157
Unluckiness (Once per session, something slapstick will happen to you) [-10] B160
Comfort Zone is between 35°F - 90°F
Voice is high and squeaky
Low sexual dimorphism
Three feet tall on average
Black, brown, orange, red, or white fur with different patterns
Large black eyes
Looks like a giant pom-pom with eyes, a mouth, arms, legs, and a tail.

Minion Lens (-25 points)
Replace Megalomania with Fanaticism [-15] B144
Remove Unfazeable
Delusion “My master will one day rule the galaxy!” [-5] B130

Hmmn (50 points)
Tall, gray skinned aliens with no sense of humor and an unsettling gaze.
SM+1 B19
-2 ST [-20] B15
+2 IQ [40] B16
Doesn’t Sleep [20] B50
Hyperspectral Vision [25] B60
Intuitive Mathematician [5] B66
Long Arms [10] B53
Long Legs [10] B54
Photographic Memory [10] B51
Unaging [15] B95
Clueless [-10] B126
Killjoy [-15] B140
Low Empathy[-20] B142
No Sense of Humor [-10] B146
Unnerving Gaze [-10] Custom Disadvantages
Comfort Zone is between 35°F - 90°F
Monotone voice
Conspiracy theorists are attracted to them, like moths to cold, logical flame.
Seven-feet tall
Long spindly limbs and digits
Gray skin
Black eyes

I'd like to thank Mailanka and Jose for their help on the GURPS Discord Server and if you haven't already, check it out.

Custom Disadvantages
Custom Disadvantages to fill in some holes that the Disadvantages didn't quite cover.

Heavy -3 points
You have approximately 2x the average weight for your ST. You get -3 to Disguise – or to Shadowing, if you are trying to follow someone in a crowd. However, the extra mass gives +3 to ST when you resist knockback.

Very Heavy -5 points
You have approximately 3x the average weight for your ST. You get -5 to Disguise – or to Shadowing, if you are trying to follow someone in a crowd. However, the extra mass gives +5 to ST when you resist knockback.

Unnerving Gaze -10 points
You unsettle people just by looking at them. It could be that you’re eyes look dead and glassy, like a doll’s, or that they are a soul drinking black deeper than any void. Perhaps you have a red glow in your cybernetic eyes that is ominous. In any case, people are unnerved by your gaze. In any situation where you can see someone and they can see you, they react at -2 to you.

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