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Default Short Campaign in the Old West


I'm going to GM a short campaign (say 5 or 6 sessions) in the Old West and I'm wondering which rules to use - especially which rules from MA, HT and Tactical Shooting would fit best - so I thought I might ask you guys. :)

The characters are going to be bounty hunters who hunt down a group of criminals during a chase through the Wild West. The atmosphere I'm aiming at is roughly that of the italo-westerns of the Sergio Leone movies.

At first I was quite sure that I wanted to use the injury rules from MA but lately I'm having second thoughts since I'm not sure whether this would make the game too deadly - after all a single gun shot wound would meane mean nigh certain death without a doctor handy. I thought about using the injury rules plus the "It's a flesh wound" from the basic set so that the combat is indeed deadly but the main characters have a way to circumvent that fact.

The next thing I'm unsure about I'm not even sure whether it's a problem or not... 'm a bit nervous about the possibility that at least one character is shot during a fight and has then to cope with half dodge/move and maybe even regular roles to keep awake (at which point the character would be basically out of the campaign I guess). Should they just live with that or should I grant them some kind of story driven milestonelike regeneration (say at the end of every game session or when they reach a certain goal)?

The last thing I'm unsure about is whether to use the rules concerning sighted shooting from Tactical Shooting. I guess they would fit nicely but would like to have a second opinion on that, too.

Thank's in advance,
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