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Default Re: Wizard Staff

Originally Posted by Bill_in_IN View Post
I like starting PCs the old school way with a few arena battles. Especially with new players. So, starting as 32 point characters isn't a huge issue. they get to 34 Attributes before they take off on Death tests or other adventures.
I've done that on occasion in the past, but time being of importance nowadays, I just skip the arena stuff and go straight to 35 or more pts.

Going to start a new campaign tonight for my wife and I, the campaign is titled "Monster Hunters of Elyntia". My GM/PC is a 38 pt "Monster Hunter" and my wife is going to run a 36 point Female Elf Mage. First monster that they will face is a Giant Snapping Turtle (and her brood...). Tonight's episode is set in Enkarr.

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Steve Plambeck
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Default Re: Wizard Staff

Unfortunately the archaeologist took 3d6 damage when they picked it up...
"I'm not arguing. I'm just explaining why I'm right."
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Default Re: Wizard Staff

I stick close here to the classic rules with a few ruffles and flourishes.

A wizard staff is usually wood, but can be made of any non-ferrous material (e.g. an ivory wand or a silver dagger).

The underlying object may not be a magic item, but can be enchanted as one after being turned into a wizard's staff

A wizard may only have one staff at a time.

A wizard's staff may have the form of a weapon (e.g. a quarterstaff, a club, or the aforementioned silver dagger). The wizard's staff damage adds to the weapon damage in that case, but the wizard will need the appropriate weapon talent to attack with the staff. The classic quarterstaff-wizard's staff is thus a 2-handed weapon that does 2d+2 damage for an investment of 3 IQ points (1 IQ for the Staff spell and 2 IQ for the Quarterstaff talent)

The other common & classic form of a wizard's staff is a short (30 cm) wand. It requires no weapon talent to use, and can be used in HTH combat, just like a dagger.

A wizard's staff can be upgraded to a Staff of Power if the wizard knows that spell.

My current house rule is that the wizard must decide whether his staff explodes or not when picked up, plus handwaves against dropping a staff while 'wanting' it to be picked up. I've never been completely happy about that, and the comments here have me thinking about dropping the exploding staff rule, probably to replace it with something else.
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club, mana, staff

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