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Old 05-11-2019, 11:48 PM   #71
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Sounds good. Thanks Andrew. Looking forward to it :)
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Old 05-14-2019, 05:16 PM   #72
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Is it possible people who saw NaN for damage had a shield in the *upper* weapon slot?

Obviously the logic checked to see if you had a shield in slot 1 and a weapon in slot 2 and reversed them, but some *other* logic after that reset the weapons. That I have now fixed, and if that is what was causing people to see NaN as damage then that bug should be dead. Otherwise I have not seen NaN for damage.

If people do see that in the future there will be a better way to capture and transmit what happened back to me. More later. I have been hours away from releasing 0.9.2 for nine days, and now I'm *really* almost there.
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Old 05-14-2019, 05:30 PM   #73
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Originally Posted by andreww View Post
Is it possible people who saw NaN for damage had a shield in the *upper* weapon slot?
I saw NaN for damage. I'm not positive I had a shield in the upper slot, but it's likely. I just looked at my character and the shield is in the upper slot now, and I'm getting NaN for damage. When I switch the sword to the upper slot and the shield to the lower, I get normal damage as expected.

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Old 05-14-2019, 11:45 PM   #74
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

TL;DR - many things fixed, everything should fit nicely on all devices now, combat sequencing is fixed. Go find out if those two things are true! There are new opponents with pole weapons and crossbows and some other cool stuff. You can fight the gargoyle on the original cover. Try not to post any spoilers to the forum.

Longer version: partial list of things fixed is at the bottom if itís important. Obviously if you spot a problem report it, it doesnít matter if I think itís fixed. The Android back button should take you to the main menu, I think that is the proper behavior.

The other thing to watch out for is reaching a point in the arena or the adventure where there are no buttons for the next step. I think this is all fixed. If you see it, be sure to distinguish between two different bugs: in one the buttons are off the bottom of the screen, if you drag up you will see them; in the other version there are no buttons. If there are no buttons, let me know that, and try to sum up what just happened. If the buttons are there you can report the issue with the new combat log transmission tool!

In order to make it easy for you to give me more complete information I added another beta-only feature. Way down at the end of the combat narration on the left hand side youíll see a red symbol, possibly just a box depending on your device. If you tap this itís a sharing button, it will transmit your character and the combat log. If you run into a problem no easily replicated send them by email to Andrew punctuation scourge of the galaxy at gmail. Sending it to others will only annoy them, but to me, along with a short description of the misbehavior, itís gold.

Specifically, any time you see NaN for damage or any time events occur out of order. If you can describe what happened completely in one sentence in the forum do that, but if you need to send me the whole log, this button will do that. Donít necessarily send me the log to report something easily described or recreated, but definitely send it for NaN or ďno buttonĒ situations. It is probably not necessary to post any logs to the forums, it will just be clutter.

Similarly, if any menus run off the screen or things donít appear in their proper place you can send a screen shot if you like but if itís just as easy to describe where you were and what you saw, do that. Currently some spells and talents make their menus wrap, so you donít have to report that.

I was hoping this would be the next to last version, but there are still some serious things to fix. With lots of good testing here progress should speed up.

Iím pretty satisfied about the saved data. If anyone has a device with very modest storage and you want to give this a try, fill your memory with video or something and then play with the app. I want to make sure that characters and adventure progress are safe. Then delete the excess video so your device is stable again. I would love to hear from even just two iOS and two Android people who can try this. No one should feel obligated, but if you want to give this a try it would be appreciated.

Yoltac is in the arena only temporarily so we can test him. He should be very difficult to defeat. Let me know if you think heís too easy or too hard.

Iím curious how far people are able to get in the adventure. Itís not complete, but your comments will be helpful. Please donít post spoilers are anything that would amount to a walk-through. Instead, thereís a location number in a blue box in the upper right hand corner. You can report your progress in terms of those numbers. Itís probably too easy to get out right now, but letís see.

Thanks for reading this far, here is your reward: Sometimes when Iím designing a game I make it easier for myself to test the higher levels, or in this case the further parts of the adventure. If there were such a thing in this app it would likely interfere with the combat system, so if you used them donít bother reporting any combat bugs, just issues with the adventure itself.

Known Issues
Some Talents and Spells make their menus wrap in a most ugly way
Play screen die roll buttons on some devices
Help Screen Text is still placeholders
Help screen should distinguish between phases of combat
Sometimes canít change weapons when not engaged
Extreme results for 4 and 5-die rolls are not present
Not all situations in the adventure give appropriate XP rewards
Reference table headers donít quite line up

Fixed in 0.9.2
Tables Formatting
Combat Sequencing
Menus going past bottom of screen
Long character race+type pushing artwork down
Spiders stood up too quickly
Sleep continue button didnít
ST/Inj/Fat/Remaining overran small char sheet
UC should not work with a shield
Pole weapons
Combat doesnít always scroll down as far as it should
Goblin archer keeps shooting when adjacent

Fixed in 0.9.1
Android Back Button
ď2+5+=7Ē in die roller
Adding a high level staff spell adds the lower instead of giving an error
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Old 05-15-2019, 06:10 AM   #75
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

New download link for android?

Received an email for IOS only last night...
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Old 05-15-2019, 08:52 AM   #76
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

The same download link will always get you the latest version:

Meanwhile, the Decks of Destiny are currently at $77,777!

I really want that second playmat.
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Old 05-15-2019, 09:18 AM   #77
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Apologies to iOS testers, 0.9.2 is not actually available yet. It's awaiting Apple approval, which I expect later this morning. I got *two* emails acknowledging the upload so I thought it was up. But there was a box I had to check promising foreign countries that I wasn't using encryption. I also forgot to add all the testers to this build. Lots of steps. I *think* you'll get a notification "soon" that 0.9.2 is available.

I also think I told Apple to notify all beta testers about the new version, not just the iOS users. Sorry for that spam.
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Old 05-16-2019, 06:21 PM   #78
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

I know this is not anywhere near the most important thing right now, but will you have a way to make above 32 point characters that can play in the app adventures or arena combats? I have been hankering for a full power martial artist to test and that's not possible as far as I can see currently.

Edit: an actual bug maybe; when I click on the grizzly bear it sets me against brant, and the polar bear sets me against Fuller.

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Old 05-16-2019, 08:00 PM   #79
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

The two problems with characters beyond 32 points are 1) not all those talents and spells are actually implemented. Unarmed combat is, but many won't be. 2) and more importantly, the adventure and arena are sort of balanced for 32 point characters. The plan was for a simple adventure to help people learn the system, and then it slowly got out of hand. The arena, for example, was more or less invented to test combat, but then I thought, why not? It's fun, let's try to clean it up and keep it.

If I had time the Arena could allow overpowered characters, warning you about talents and spells that won't work, and allowing you to challenge only powerful foes - bears, trolls, giants. That could be neat. Maybe I'll throw that into 1.1.

That said, a clever programmer might have snuck in a way to get illegal characters into the adventure to allow people to get further into the sewers. For testing. At some point I will let the cat out of the bag so people can hack there way through the adventure and test the parts you're unlikely to reach without help.

Thanks for the Bears/Fuller/Brant catch. I'm surprised, but I know where to look.

Edit: Bears/Fuller/Brant is fixed in the code, so it will be correct in the next version.

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Old 05-16-2019, 10:16 PM   #80
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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

I totally get your reasonings for disallowing over 32 point characters, especially right now.

I'm glad I helped catch the bears for you.

A couple other things, crossbows seem to not be working from the player side. After I get a shot off in the arena, I click to roll initiative for the next round and there is no more text below that.

I've also had general glitching, such as defeating enemies, clearing the character, and then looking at the selection screen for the arena and the sewers and still having the clear character option at the bottom.
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