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Default Re: Flip side of "Pact"

"Make new Allies who acquire a template with special abilities" is baseline Dominance.

"Must have the points to buy Allies to grant the template" is also baseline Dominance. Dominance is a character point-powered ability of sorts.

"Created Allies do not gain the ability to create new Allies for you" is simply the absence of Dominance on the template your Dominance imparts. It isn't any more special than those Allies having another 20-point flaw – say, -1 to DX [-20] – on their template. It slightly lowers the Allies' personal point values and may therefore make Allies itself cost less . . . but it also removes Special Abilities, +50% from Allies, because the Allies can't create new Allies for you.

"Created Allies lose their special abilities if they break a Pact" is a Pact limitation on abilities on the template your Dominance imparts. It isn't any more special than those Allies having, say, Limited Use on those abilities. It slightly lowers the Allies' personal point values and may therefore make Allies itself cost less.

"Created Allies aren't slaves" is a special effect. Allies without Slave Mentality on their template cost 40 points more apiece, raising base Allies cost again. The absence of Slave Mentality means that Minion costs +50%, not +0%. Thus, you'll be able to afford fewer Allies. This is +0% tradeoff because your Allies can work unsupervised and aren't de facto zombies.

"Don't have to injure subject to create Allies" is the only fussy one. "No Injury Required" (Zombies, p. 51) is +300% because you just have to walk up to a potential Ally and touch him (or speak to him, or look at him, depending on other modifiers). That assumes this person would be unwilling, though. If they must be willing (e.g., a worshipper), that's clearly an extreme limitation; Accessibility, -80% seems about right.

Putting it all together: Define a template that has special abilities bought with a suitable Pact limitation, but that lacks Dominance and Slave Mentality. It need not be your template. Buy Dominance (Accessibility, Willing subjects only, -80%; No Injury Required, +300%) [64]. Now you can just walk up to a willing subject, touch him, and grant him the template if you can afford him as a Ally, remembering that the template likely raises his point value. Put Minion, +50% on Ally because this is a supernatural bond, not a social agreement, but omit Special Abilities, +50%.
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Default Re: Flip side of "Pact"

Thanks Kromm. I think that answers all my questions. After my dental appointment today (and when I've recovered from it) I'll write up my results of this discussion and post it to see what everyone thinks.
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Default Re: Flip side of "Pact"

Sorry for the thread necro, but would it be reasonable to take:

requires an hour/8hours with a willing or restrained and helpless subject instead of HP injury as a feature, or maybe +20%

With a 1 damage attack, 18 HP of damage could be easily done to such a subject in less than a minute. Seems much more reasonable than +300%
This would seem to be a better fit for beings which empower/brainwash allies without actually hurting them, such as divine pacts, etc. Then modify with enhancements or limitations from there.
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allies, dominance

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