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Default Allies from DF5 - dying what happens?

If an ally from DF5 dies, what happens to the PCs points?
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Default Re: Allies from DF5 - dying what happens?

Nothing. The rules in DF5 indicate that if an ally dies, a new one can replace it. If this is a summon that is just some random animal or being, then the player can try again in 24 hours. If it is one specific animal/being, then the GM might require some sort task to gain a new one.

See DF5:
p5 (paragraph just before 'New Meta-Trait: Animal Ally')
p13 ('Celestial Steeds and Holy Hounds' box)
p20 ('Familiarizing Oneself' first paragraph)
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Default Re: Allies from DF5 - dying what happens?

I often give rewards not of generic character points but of things bought with points. It is common for me to give a Favor after the party rescues someone. If a PC has a Ally that died (not due to PC misactions) I'd allow them to get that person as a Ally for free. If they wanted a more specific Ally I'd run a short arc where they acquire them.
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