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Default [meta] Standardizing Tags

They're doing this over on the GURPS forum, and I though it was a good idea... especially since we aren't anywhere near as far into the process as they are.

Tags are useful for finding threads, but only if the tags are consistent - a mishmash of tags only helps Alaemon keep things secret. Thus, I propose a few standardized tags, based on what we've already got:

EDIT: Consolidated list here - keeping the old list as a historical artifact.

The category names from the In Nomine Collection, which should be obvious:
  • artifacts
  • discord
  • roles
  • skills
  • songs
  • weapons
  • tips
  • theories
  • resources (which is a superset of artifacts, roles, skills, songs, attunements, and distinctions)
  • humor

Terms that already have specific meaning in IN:
  • canon for discussion that follows the Rules As Written; heretical for discussion that diverges radically from canon.
  • superiors for any discussion about one or more Superiors. Add a specific Superior's name as a separate tag.
  • word-bound for any discussion about one or more Word-Bound. Add a specific Word-Bound's name as a separate tag.
  • a particular Choir or Band name for discussion of that Choir or Band.
  • attunements for discussion of one or more attunements. Add a specific attunement's name as a separate tag.
  • character for posting characters.
  • setting for posting settings, or links to settings.
  • cdau for matters of Canon Doubt and Uncertainty.

And, finally, meta for discussions (like this one) that are about the forum or the regulars instead of about the game.

Suggestions, additions, deletions?
Rob Kelk
“Every man has a right to his own opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.”
– Bernard Baruch,
Deming (New Mexico) Headlight, 6 January 1950
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