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Default A Bestiary for more than the DFRPG: Nordlond Enemies Book

The Nordlond Bestiary was accepted on Kickstarter today!

This enables the pre-launch page, which notifies people when the campaign launches.

To do it like the monstrous, um, manual I think we've always wanted for Powered by GURPS and the Dungeon Fantasy RPG (mockup on the right!) rather than small thematic volumes, this project will need a lot of support. Almost all of that support is for artwork.

More Details for the Curious

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fantasy roleplaying game in possession of dungeons, must be in want of more monsters. No, more than that. Even more.
Whether riffing off Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, or the more genre-appropriate Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, there’s no question that a giant book of creatures is a boon to gamemasters wanting to keep their campaigns fresh and exciting. For a long time, the classic big books of monsters have been hard to come by as a fully supported work for Powered by GURPS games.

No longer.

The Dungeon Fantasy RPG is purposefully generic: It is Powered by GURPS, after all. The Noršlond setting is not generic, borrowing from the literary tradition of the Viking culture. The sagas of looting, pillaging, and raiding for wealth and fame made a natural match for a game with a tag-line of “Smash Evil for Fun and Profit.”

Even with that in mind, the monsters here can be—and should be—repurposed and transplanted to other campaigns. Many of them are thinly disguised transplants from other cosmologies anyway: The nautamašr is clearly based on the Minotaur; the Blóšughśfa, or “bloody hat” is the redcap, a fixture of Northumbrian folklore, perhaps derived or parallel to the Irish fear dearg, meaning “red man,” said to wear a red coat and cap. Animals—normal, giant, and dire—don’t require any work to move between campaigns. Much as the player characters pillage loot, GMs should pillage the worked examples here to make their lives easier when running games in any campaign.

That's what I hope to bring to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG through a Noršlond lens. Oh, and many of the creatures correspond 1:1 with creatures from That Other Game. So if you just want to pick up a module or adventure path and run it, referring to this book for instant stats?

That's one of the things I hope to enable here.
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