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Old 10-14-2019, 03:08 AM   #31
fula farbrorn
Join Date: Nov 2014
Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?


TL: 7
Vehicle: M1A1 Abrams
ST/HP: 198
Hnd/SR: -3/5
HT: 10x
Move: 1/36
LWt.: 63
Load: 2.1
SM: +5
Occ: 4
DR: 2234/261*
Range: 275 Miles
Cost: $4.3M
Loc.: 2CTX

The M1A1 abrams is an improvement of the IPM1, itself a improvement over the original M1 the new M1A1 has a rear bustle rack for improved stowage of
personal gear and equipment, the turret has been lengthened and the rear blowout panels improved, but the largest improvements are the armor and armament, it now sports a modern 120mm smoothbore M256A1 gun

The gunner rides in the turret with the main armament: a
stabilized 120 mm L/44 M256A1 gun with 40 stowed rounds, The loader has easy access to them in the back of the turret behind blast doors that open and then automatically close.

A M240 (M240E1 for a USMC M1) machine gun (see FN MAG, p. 134-135)
with 11400 rounds is mounted coaxially, and two sixshot smoke dischargers faces the turret front.

M256 Acc 7 + 3 Range 3,100/11,000 RoF 1 Shots 1(6) 6dx31(3)
Gunner uses a 3 - 10x scope for +1 to +3 he also as a rangefinder (+3 Acc), and a targeting computer (+1 Gunner)

The turret Front has a 38 mm RHA (DR 105) plate followed by a 800 mm NERA block (treat as Laminated DR2205) and a final 101 mm RHA plate (DR 278) for a total of DR 2588

The turret sides are split into 2 main parts, over the fighting compartment it has a 19 mm RHA plate (DR 52) with a NERA block 800 mm thick behind it (DR 2204 Laminated) and a final 101 mm RHA plate (DR 278), Protection for the Ammunition is much weaker consisting of a 6 mm RHA plate (DR 17) with a 350 mm NERA block behind that (DR965) and a 13 mm RHA plate (DR36)

Most of the top of the tank has DR 105.
Underbody armor provides DR 88 except under the Fuel tanks, which has DR 105.

the sides have DR 261, DR 82 of that is the hull 179 is the special composite side skirts treat them as Laminated, they only cover the front 1/3 of the tank the rear 2/3 only have DR 82 from the hull and DR 16 from the side skirts treat them as spaced

The front hull consists of 3 elements a 32 mm RHA plate (DR 89) a 250 mm NERA block (DR 689) and a 101 mm plate (DR 278) for a total DR of 1056

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The Colonel
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Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?

Originally Posted by Racer View Post
Yes that's the one . Hadn't realized it had been cancelled - a great pity ...
It does look so bloody cool though !
Talk about back to the future - I thought the portee concept died in about 1943 after the end of the North African campaign...
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Black Leviathan
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Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?

Thanks again Fula!
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fula farbrorn
Join Date: Nov 2014
Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?

Originally Posted by Black Leviathan View Post
Thanks again Fula!
No problem, sorry about the long wait and the rough format of the writeups, if anybody wants to clean them up feel welcome !, also noticed some errors with the M1 that i will address as soon as i can

i will try to get to the M1A2 and other tanks as soon as i can !, and if people have any requests just put them here
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Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?

Here’s some info to start on these vehicles.

Fast Attack Vehicle/Desert Patrol Vehicle and its successor Light Strike Vehicle (the armed dune buggy)
These vehicles are lightly modified commercial dune buggies acquired for special operations forces. They have a rear mounted engine with a driver and crew member seated side by side. A third crew member is in a raised seat above the engine. Some models feature a fourth seat. Typical armament is a .50 caliber machine gun operated by the raised crew member along with a medium or light machine gun operated by the front crew member. Some models also feature a rear facing machine gun and a swiveling seat for the raised crew member. Any of these machine guns can be replaced by an automatic 40mm grenade launcher. The raised crew member’s position can be replaced by a heavier weapon: commonly a TOW missile launcher or rarely a 30mm cannon.

M2/M3 Bradley,
See the link to Chainlink and Concrete I posted upthread.

The M270 is a standardized tracked chassis with a large elevating rocket launcher mounted on the back. It carries 12 rockets which are loaded on two cartridges. Reloading is accomplished by a specialized reloading vehicle which removes an entire cartridge and replaces it with a fresh cartridge.

The original munition developed for the MLRS spread 644 hand-grenade size bomblets over the target area. Alternate missiles include guided high explosive warheads, a guided version of the original cluster munition, and rockets that scatter mines. Experimental versions have included binary chemical agent warheads and missiles that scatter smart submunitions.

The MLRS can also fire the MIM-140 ATACMS, a single large missile that occupies an entire reload cartridge. Warheads for this missile include a cluster bomb that carries 950 submunitions and a 500 lb guided high explosive. An experimental version scattering smart munitions was not adopted.

The HIMARS is a standard 6x6 truck carrying a single reload cartridge developed for the MLRS. Therefore it can carry six small rockets or one large ATACMS.

and the whole family of 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, and 10x10 LAVs (the largest of which can mount 120mm tank guns).
The Swiss Mowag Piranha has been widely fielded in its 8x8 version. It features quick attaching modular armor. Versions exist to act as an APC, IFV, ambulance, command vehicle, guided missile carrier, mortar carrier, etc. APC and IFV version typically carry a 25mm autocannon in a turret, though 30 and 35mm autocannon have been mounted by some countries. Versions mounting a 90mm gun are common. 105mm and 120mm gun versions are also available. Older guns would be “low pressure” guns firing at a lower velocity to reduce recoil, but newer developments have allowed high pressure 105 and 120mm Guns firing NATO standard ammunition.

An 8x8 version is in service with the USMC, called the LAV-25. It features amphibious capability in calm water with two propellers. It mounts a 25mm autocannon along with a coaxial machine gun.

To do: AAV7, M109

40 mph top speed
400 mile driving range
27.5 tons
Cab only is armored to withstand small arms and artillery fragments. Does that include .50 caliber AP?
Not NBC protected

Armor: “light”
Truck chassis: Medium tactical vehicle

40 mph top speed
214 miles driving range
31 tons
Armor: no citations yet, but based on weight, not much
NBC protected
Fully enclosed self-propelled 155mm artillery. 360 rotating turret. From some version forward, crew can perform all necessary functions without leaving vehicle or needing outside technical assistance: receive orders, calculate firing solution, unlock gun from travel lock. Initial version had short gun; longer gun and improved projectiles have increased range. Rocket assisted projectiles, gps-guided missile

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Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?

The link to Cars for GURPS keeps appearing and disappearing in this thread for various reasons, so I figured I'll upload it to my google drive where it can safely be acquired.

Credit where it's due, I've no idea where though. Lots of civilian and military vehicles.
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Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?

Ah! The desert patrol vehicle is in there! Also the Stryker, which has a lot in common with the Mowag Piranha.
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Default Re: Military Vehicle Stats?

I decided to try making a tank-like vehicle using Spaceships. Of course, to properly concentrate the armor, I needed to establish the surface area of each part of the tank. Based on the T-72, and with numbers rounded for ease of use, a tank with a main turret has the following percentages for its total surface area.
Front		5%
Sides		20%
Back		5%
Top		25%
Bottom		35%
Turret		10%
-Front		(2%)
-Sides+Back	(3%)
-Top		(5%)
Of course, I also wanted to have a tank with a spinal battery, which lacks a turret, so I came up with some numbers for a “box tank,” which would probably also work for an APC or similar.
Front		7.5%
Sides		25%
Back		7.5%
Top		30%
Bottom		30%
Once you have these numbers (feel free to adjust to taste), build the tank using Spaceships (note “Alternate Spaceships” from Pyramid #3/34 is necessary for tracked drivetrains), but don’t bother including armor yet (most armor can be treated as a zero volume system, and volume is all we care about at first). Once you’re done, fill the remaining modules with armor*. Simply combine the DR of all modules, divide by 3, and multiply by the value from the Armor and Volume table in “Alternate Spaceships.”

This gives average DR; feel free to concentrate it as you wish. Note most of the TL8+ armors in Spaceships are laminates, giving doubled DR against HEAT/HEDP/HEMP and preventing spall from HESH.

That out of the way, here are two TL9 tanks, both using lasers for their weaponry. They are designed fairly similarly - each has a single 1 MJ turreted laser (1/10th of a system), a dual fusion core (2 systems), a Control Room (typical crew is a driver, a gunner, and a commander; the commander controls the 1 MJ laser and dictates power allocation), a single tracked drivetrain, a large array of power cells (using up 9/10ths of a system, and being functionally equivalent to 13.5 F cells), and advanced metallic laminate. Armor gives comparable coverage - DR 2400 for the front, DR 450 on the sides, back, and top, and DR 100 on the bottom. The principle difference is that the main gun of the turreted tank is a turreted main battery 10 MJ laser, while the box tank uses a fixed 30 MJ spinal battery. The increased bulk of the latter model requires a higher mass of armor, so it actually has 16.5 modules of armor (for a total of 24.5 modules out of 20).
TL	Vehicle		ST/HP	Hnd/SR	HT	Move	Lwt	Load	SM	Occ	DR		Cost	Loc
9	Turret Tank	200	-3/5	12	3/30	30	0.3	+4	3S	2400/450	$2M	2CTt
9	Box Tank	214	-3/5	12	3/24	36.75	0.3	+4	3S	2400/450	$2.5M	2Ct
TL	Weapon		Damage		Acc	Range		Weight	RoF	Bulk	Rcl	Cost
9	1 MJ Laser	4dx5(2) burn	18	20k/70k		300	10	-10	1	$15,000
9	10 MJ Laser	4dx10(2) burn	18	50k/150k	3,000	10	-10	1	$150,000
9	30 MJ Laser	6dx10(2) burn	18	70k/200k	10,000	10	-10	1	$500,000
Note the cost and weight of the weapons are already included in the tank stats. Note also the 30 MJ Laser, being Fixed, can only fire into the tank’s Front arc, but has +2 to hit.

The power cell array built into each tank holds enough power for 3000 shots of the secondary (1 MJ) turret. The main gun of the turret tank uses 10 shots per shot; the main gun of the box tank instead uses 30 shots per shot. The power distribution of the fusion cores is usually 3 PP to the drivetrain (giving the above performance) and 1 PP to recharging the power cells (at a rate of 0.5 shots per second). The commander can opt to push more energy into recharging the power cells - the Turret Tank has Move 1/10 with 1 PP, 2/20 with 2 PP, while the Box Tank has Move 1/8 with 1 PP and 2/16 with 2 PP. In an emergency, the power cell array can provide power to the tracks, but PP thus allocated burns 0.5 shots each second.

Offensively, the turret tank can readily take down a powered combat walker and damage a light battle tank (provided it can maneuver to the tank’s side/back) with its main gun, while its secondary turret can readily take down contemporary infantry (even those in typical powered armor). The box tank can readily take down a light battle tank with a shot to the side or back, although it will have more difficulty maneuvering into position (due to its lower top speed and lack of a turret). Defensively, the tanks are proofed against any TL9 weapon in UT short of a nuke from the front, while the sides, top and back can handle up to 25mm HEMP, and need a tank cannon or TML (anti-tank RPG) for a kinetic kill to work (for lasers, you’d need a 100 MJ laser cannon to punch through the side armor). They are vulnerable to anti-tank mines, however (a 25 mm HEMP anti-tank mine will tear right through the bottom of the tank).

For the heck of it, here’s a tracked APC, using the “box tank” type of design. It’s leaner on armor and uses three 1 MJ turrets, but can carry a squad of infantry into (or out of) battle. Typical crew is a driver and a gunner, along with up to 12 infantry. The three turrets can either be slaved together under the control of the gunner, or two of the infantry being transported can assist the gunner by each controlling one turret. It has a 3-core fusion engine, capable of producing up to 6 PP, and has a more powerful drivetrain than the tanks, being capable of moving up to Move 6/55 (it’s typically 5/50, with 1 PP set to restoring the power cells). The power cell array only holds 2500 shots. It has DR 500 on the front, DR 250 on the sides/back, DR 200 on top, and DR 100 on the bottom.
TL	Vehicle		ST/HP	Hnd/SR	HT	Move	Lwt	Load	SM	Occ	DR	Cost	Loc
9	Tracked APC	200	-3/5	12	6/55	30	1.4	+5	2+12S	500/250	$1.75M	2CTt

*Optionally, you can have more armor than the modules remaining, like my box tank above. Note only armor modules that are part of the 20 default system have an impact on the Armor and Volume SM/DR modifiers. While this probably isn’t quite accurate, a quick and dirty way to determine the impact on the tank’s performance is to divide 20 by the actual total number of modules you have, then multiply all acceleration and top speeds by the result.
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