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Default Re: Wait Maneuver and Multiple Scenarios

Originally Posted by pfharlock View Post
One use of the wait maneuver is to allow people who are faster to have the option of deferring their turn until after someone else has acted. That usage for wait is outlined in the basic set on the page where wait is explained.
I don't see anything there that allows Wait to defer your entire turn. Are you saying you can Wait until Otto acts/attacks/whatever and then take any maneuver you want - run away, concentrate, whatever? I see nothing to allow that.

The idea I think is, If I'm fast enough to act before you, I'm also fast enough to wait and act after you have acted, but I'm still inside my 1 second window for this turn.

The specific verbage is near the bottom of 366

"Finally, you can use Wait to coordinate actions with slower friends."
That just means you can Wait for an ally to act and then Attack, All-Out Attack, or Ready. It doesn't eliminate the normal restrictions on Wait.
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