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Default Alien Infiltrator Package

Hello GURPSmind,

I have started designing the specific racial packages for the alien invasion of my Supers campaign world, and I need to get some feedback on the first of these templates (especially concerning my maths and some assumptions on enhancements/limitations).

These aliens (and all the others I post) are modified by the Alien Minion Racial package I posted a week ago.

The first of these aliens is the Infiltrator.

The Infiltrators are shapechangers who have to devour their targets in order to assume their shapes. They may be a created race, they may have been a natural race that was enslaved and altered, whatever the case may be they serve one purpose for their masters and that is to devour and assume the shape (personality, skills and memories) of any target in order to pave the way for their masters.

795 Points
Attributes: ST -1 [-10]; IQ +2 [20]; HT -1 [-10].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP+5 [10].
Advantages: Xeno-Adaptability [20]; Hard to Kill 5 [10]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous) [40]; Mimicry [10]; Shapeshifting: Morph (Extra Points +250; Only humanoid forms -40%, Once On Stays On +50%, Copies Personality +100%, Copies Memories +100%, Genetic Match +100%, Needs Sample -50%, Nuisance Effect: Takes 3 Hours to Switch Forms -10%) [875].
Disadvantages: Delusion: "I am the person I am replicating." [-10]; Disciplines of Faith - Ritualism [-5]; Duty (Master Race) (Add Extremely Hazardous and Involuntary) [-10]; Edgy [-5]; Odious Racial Habit (Eats sapients) [-15]; Secret: infiltrator [-30], Slow Eater [-10], Social Stigma: Subjugated [-20].

Obviously, the first thing to note is how bloody expensive this species is, but what needs to be considered is that they are designed to fool Supers (specifically the ISTs of GURPS International Super Teams); many of whom have telepathy, x-ray vision, ultra-tech gear, magic and any number of means of detecting possible infiltrators. They also need to be expensive, since they will be potentially mimicking the superhuman abilities of players or supporting cast members within the team.

Thanks for any feedback I can get. My GURPS 4e-Fu has gotten weak and soft as a result of not actively gaming since my youngest daughter was born four years ago so I appreciate all the help I can get.


Michael R. Smith (
GURPS Traveller: Shanghai Stars Twitter (
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