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Old 03-05-2015, 01:53 AM   #671
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by jayson View Post
The only Hero that gains Levels after defeating a Monster is the one who 'Busted Down the Door'. If for some reason another hero jumps into battle to help, then the first hero leaves. The second hero must face the Monster(s). That second hero does not get any levels if the Monster(s) are defeated, but does get all the treasures. Furthermore, a third hero cannot be asked to help.
Jayson: interesting houserules, but this part is a bit confusing for me: "then the first hero leaves". The helper replaces the first hero? This is an alternative option, that you can "sacrifice" another hero instead the first who kicked the door? Or it's just some misunderstanding, the first hero remain in fight, if win, the first gain level, the second just can get a part from the treasure?
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Originally Posted by frofrog View Post
< < house rules for playing single-player Munchkin > >
That's great! I like it, and i will play it in cooperative style with my grilfriend. Difference: in cooperative style everybody must reach level 10 until the 11th round.
Help each other: only with cards! Never can be add your level or item bonuses to your bothers in arms. So you need spare cards (one-shot, "Baby", or Curses against the monsters) for help the other(s - if play with more than one friend).
Because of this the "elf" ability need to change: if he can help a friend in a fight with cards, after winning he get a free treasure card from the deck.
The "thief" abilities only works against monsters he are not fighting.

Charity and barter are limited in this cooparative version: you are in rush, no time for such things. In your turn you can only make one of the following:
- sell items for only one level (at least 1000 gold)
- give one of your card (in play or in hand) to a friend. (AND you can't take cards from your friends in your turn)
All cards over 5(6) in your hand have to discard (no charity in this way) at the end of your turn.

There are unuseable cards, it's sad, you will discard them when you can :)

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Default Side Quest: Monsters on Rampage

Side Quest: Monsters on Rampage

We use this houserule with our original Munchkin deck, it’s give one more opportunity to cooperative gamestyle, and to fight with overpowered monsters (if like so :)).

Let’s see:

This a houserule for monsters not defeated by heroes. If a Monster (or group of monsters) wins against player(s), then not discard the monster(s) and the enchantments played on him(them), instead take them aside – to the Field of Rampaging Monsters (FoRM).
There are six slots in the FoRM. Every slot have a number from one to six. Every slot can contain any number of monsters (in a slot can be a „angry” „plutonium dragon” with a "wandering" „amazon”) - came victorious from the same fight.
At the beginning of every round (before the first player turn) give a token to every slot in the FoRM occupied by monster(s). Every token represent a +1 bonus for the monsters against players. If a player kills all the monsters in a slot, remove the tokens from there.

If the seventh monster (group) become rampaging monster, so it’s taken aside to the FoRM, the game ends immediately, and the players loose.

Instead of „look for trouble” any player can choose to go hunt on the FoRM. The Hunter has to roll a dice – he will discover the slot with the number he rolled. If there are any monster on it, he has to fight, if there are no monster, then his turn ends.

Have fun! :)
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Default Combining Munckin Zombies with Zombie Dice

Hello all!

I just got into Munchkin a few weeks ago, and I've already picked up a veritable treasure trove of Munchkin sets. I'm officially a fan of Steve Jackson Games now, and I figured a good introduction to the forum community would be to share my rules for spicing up a game of Munchkin Zombies by adding Zombie Dice.

The rules are as follows:

Once during a player's turn (except during combat, of course) he or she may choose to go on a Human Hunt by playing a round of Zombie Dice. Every two Brains collected by a player gives +1 combat bonus, and a player may consume 10 brains to go up a level. If a player gets three Shotgun Blasts while on a Human Hunt, he loses all his Brains. If he has no Brains, he loses an item. If he has no items, he loses a level.

You can tweak these rules a bit to suit your group's tastes, such as having each Brain give +1, or by having the Human Hunt be a choice to replace Looting or Looking for Trouble.

I think combining Zombie Dice with Munchkin Zombies is great thematic fun, and adds a cool strategic wrinkle for our games.

Give it a try, and let me know what you all think!

EDIT: Whoops. Didn't realize that there was already a thread for this, my bad... hopefully it will get moved to the right page. Also, I've found a bunch of other Zombie Dice variants already there, too... oh well. It's the thought that counts ;-)

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Old 03-19-2015, 12:44 PM   #675
Crimson Kartoffel
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Default Re: Member House Rules

My house rules are:
... actually nothing really.

Last edited by Crimson Kartoffel; 04-09-2015 at 08:07 AM. Reason: I changed my house rules.
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Default Re: Member House Rules

A couple of rules we use in our games are:

When you die you lose everything, even race and class. We've had a game where a thief died and with his next turn he successfully stole 3 out of 4 times and had a pretty impressive setup.

You can only put a maximum of 5 cards on the table when not in use (horizontally). This is to enforce charity and discarding. Without the 5 card limit we had guys hoarding so much stuff.

The next rules we use when everyone is over 21 and we're drinking. Munchkin turns into a pretty fun drinking game!

Anytime someone reaches level 3, 5, 7, or 9 everyone drinks. This also counts if someone goes BACK a level (from 6 bumped to 5).

If two players cooperate then they must toast to their success and drink. Cooperation is anything where players help each other, either combat, trading cards, giving cards, ect. If someone is FORCED to cooperate they do not have to drink but the person doing the forced assist does.

If you get cursed you have to drink.

If you die you finish your drink and get everyone a refill while they loot your corpse.

When someone wins everyone else needs to chug and finish their drinks!

Edit: spelling
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Default House Rule Ethics and Unnatural Compulsion

My Group of friends play munchkin and we play by what we call "House Rules". "House Rules" are that if a card is played but it cannot be used or is played "improperly" it is discarded. This is a way to encourage other players to actively read their cards before they play them or risk loosing them, further subtracting their resources they could of used to win or prevent other munchkins from wining as a punishment.

Example: some uses United I Stand which says "play when you are in combat alone" but they have a munchkin aiding them in combat already.

"House rules" would force the player of that card to discard it due to improper use.

"House Rules" deconstructs a munchkins competition by not allowing other players to "take back cards" that have been not properly used or couldn't have been used and turns a fun game into a serious one.

The reason i have posted this is because i need opinions on the ethics of the "House Rulings" my friends have applied to this game in order to disband it or continue to apply it.

If a card or cards are misused by a fellow munchkin in order to oppose you from winning a combat: would you claim the card is exhausted/misused and needs to be discarded or tell them to return it to the players hand?

In reference to "House Rules" my friends had an incident with Unnatural Compulsion.~Unnatural Compulsion is played.

Moderator edit: Please do not quote card text on these forums. You are always welcome to paraphrase, but do not quote directly.

A munchkin had in their hand doppelganger. doppelganger is a one shot but its effect cannot be activated in the present situation. unnatural compulsions user was not in combat presently or anything - but it allows them to take a one shot and makes them instantaneously play it I.E. use it.

The card never explain weather it had to be a successful using of the one shot in order to play it.

would Unnatural Compulsion permit a munchkin to take doppelganger and actively misuse it? Can you use Unnatural Compulsion in general to improperly exhaust one shots weather or not its effects can be applied?

Do you think House Rules are dumb?

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Default Re: Member House Rules

One downside with that house rule:

Player A is Level 7 Human with no class and Player B is a Level 6 Dwarf. At the end of Player A's turn, he has six cards. He has five cards he wants to keep and a sixth card that he *would* have to give as charity, but it's a weapon that can only be used by the Dwarf. To avoid giving the Dwarf the charity, he plays it, "realizes" that it can't be played, then discards it.
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by UncleBob View Post
One downside with that house rule:

Player A is Level 7 Human with no class and Player B is a Level 6 Dwarf. At the end of Player A's turn, he has six cards. He has five cards he wants to keep and a sixth card that he *would* have to give as charity, but it's a weapon that can only be used by the Dwarf. To avoid giving the Dwarf the charity, he plays it, "realizes" that it can't be played, then discards it.
Since a player can carry any number of small Items, even those he can not use, how is playing an Item that can only be used by a Dwarf illegal? If that's what the house rules jorking is talking about is suggesting, it makes trading extra Items impossible, and that's what would be unreasonable about that house rule. A house rule should supplement or enhance the game for your group, not slice away important aspects of the game with potentially draconian attempts to create balance. If you want to make someone discard an Item they were trying to use "illegally," that's fine, but making people discard Items they can't use (but can legally have in play as per the rules) is not balanced, especially because it takes away other aspects of the game.
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Default Tournament sugestion

I've been co-running a weekly Munchkin game at my FLGS with 1-2 tables of 5-6 people each week for about a year. We moved to a variant of the standard tournament rules and found it both speeds up the game and enhances the value of charity.

Recommended Variant rules:
Standard tournament rules with peek at door and treasure for looting the room.

Get rid of "tapping" or backpack of cards that you can't use. This greatly reduces the amount of ammunition you can stockpile in front of you to stop people from winning (normally the 4th or 5th attempt results in a successful win.)

Most tournament rounds seem to end with the 2 hours going by and highest combat value determining the winner between the stack of people at 9th level. Wouldn't it be better to actually have clear winners each round?

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