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Old 09-29-2014, 11:20 AM   #661
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by hardbap View Post
The first is probably obvious to veteran munchkins. The second just didn't make much sense with only 2 players since the text instructs you to turn to the player on your right then turn to the player on your left.
To be fair, two player games are outside the expected player count, so every card is expecting there to be at least one more player. But those make a lot of sense to remove under those circumstances.
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Old 10-19-2014, 11:23 AM   #662
Jim McKigney
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Some of the house rules that my brother and I play with like a 2 player game where we can have many cards in our hand and when we draw 4 treasures and 4 doors at the start of the 2 player game. (Is it legal in a real game to get a new hand when you run out of cards? Because that's what my brother and I did when we run out of cards.)

But I have been thinking about when the players have to cooperate when the monsters' levels get totally stacked up as a result of using monster enhancers and summoning more and more monsters and using even more monster enhancers. What we did is that we had to help each other when the odds are stacked against a player. I think the enhancers add levels to the monsters so that how he won.

Again, these 2 player rules are mainly to get our feet wet with the game and so that we can play at home so no hard feelings, okay?
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Old 12-02-2014, 04:01 AM   #663
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Me and my friends use a lot of house rules.

Wizard: The charm ability only requires you to discard 3 cards, as opposed to you entire hand. The wizards other ability has been replaced with: You may discard your whole hand (minimum of 5) to charm a single monster that your opponent is facing. It works the same way as the charm ability, but can be used to stop your opponent from winning.

Elf: The elf recives one treasure for helping another player in combat, as opposed to gooing up a level. This makes other players more willing to accept help from elves, and keeps the original spirit of the ability.

Theif: the theif may attempt to steal an item as many times as he/she wants, but may only succesfully steal one item per turn. I know this rarely happens, but every once in a while someone will be a theif, on level 1, with over 10 cards in their hand. So this rule is used to prevent that.

Those are just a few house rules that we use.
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Old 12-06-2014, 09:37 AM   #664
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Has anyone tried to make Munchkin into a co-op game? The goal is to get a character to level 10 before x turns expire? What would be a reasonable number for x?
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Old 12-07-2014, 05:14 PM   #665
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Has anyone tried to make Munchkin into a co-op game? The goal is to get a character to level 10 before x turns expire? What would be a reasonable number for x?
Interesting idea, I'd start at 10 turns and adjust it up or down as needed, after some experimentation, to make the game challenging, but winnable.
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Old 12-24-2014, 09:12 PM   #666
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Default Re: Member House Rules

A two-player version that my son and I came up with was pretty fun. Here are the altered rules:

OBJECTIVE: Be the first player to retire your four heroes at level 6.

SETUP: Start by separating out all the Class and Race cards. In the standard Munchkin game you will find 21. Shuffle these cards together. Next, deal 4 cards to each player. Each player places these character cards in front of him/herself on the table. These cards represent your Adventuring Troop of Heroes trudging through the Dungeons of Munchkingdom. Next, place a single D6 (six-sided) die on top of each character to represent their current level. Each hero starts at level 1. Lastly in Setup, reshuffle the remaining Class and Race cards in the Door deck, and draw 4 door cards, and 4 treasure cards per Player (not per character). Each player may distribute their 'loot' amongst their 4 heroes.

GAME PLAY: Roll the die to see who goes first, highest die wins. The first player may lay down any treasures or items below any of his 4 heroes. Note: Once a treasure has been laid to the table from your hand, it must remain with THAT hero to which it has been placed. Furthermore, a thief cannot steal a card from any allied hero pertaining to the same Adventuring Troop. A Thief can only steal from the opponent's Troop of Heroes.

Each Hero can later on be one Class and one Race as per normal rules. Furthermore, if Class or Race are lost as a result of a curse or some other reason, simply flip the card over...that hero still can be played as normal, just without the Bonuses/Penalties of the previous Race/Class.

Once the first player is ready to begin, he chooses ONE hero from his Troop (moving the Class/Race card forward slightly to show election to other player) to open the door, then flips over TWO Door cards. Both Door cards have active effects if they are monsters or curses. This means that they are resolved simultaneously. If they are two monster cards it is like the results of a Wandering Monster card as per the original rules (Running Away must be resolved from each monster by EACH hero involved in combat).

If they are both curses, they affect that single hero who busted down the door. A Wishing Ring or other item that prevents a Curse will deflect ONE of the Curses (active player chooses which Curse to be removed). The player may still 'Loot the Room' (drawing a face down Door card into your hand) or play a Monster by 'Looking for Trouble' from his hand as per normal rules, unless the Curse card specifically states the turn has ended.

If one card is beneficial (i.e. Class/Race card, Cheat card, etc.), the player may place this directly into his hand. The non-beneficial card is then resolved (i.e. fighting the monster).

If BOTH cards are both non-threatening, the player places both into his hand, and then may choose to either 'Loot the Room' or 'Look for Trouble' per normal rules.

Note: Monster Altering cards (i.e. Humungous +5) are non-threatening if drawn with a non-Monster card, and may be placed in the player's hand. But, IF drawn with a Monster, it alters THAT monster during that combat.

Also: The actual Wandering Monster card if drawn Face Up, invites your opponent to lay down ANY held Monster card in their hand!

After resolving combat with monsters per the rules below, or after 'Looting the Room', the player ends his turn by either laying down Item cards to individual heroes in his Troop (Treasure cards aquired from defeating Monsters can only be equipped directly after combat to the two heroes involved in combat...see combat rules below), or discarding them so that only 5 cards remain in his hand at the end of his turn. Every Dwarf character in his Troop allows the player to hold +1 card above the normal 5! If cards were discarded in this manner (at the end of the turn), the opponent if he has a hero with a current level less than or equal to the lowest level of all the heroes on the table, he may select ONE of the discarded cards and place it to the table below that lowest level hero (if its an item) or to his hand (if its NOT an item).

Note: Items that are unusable be a hero may still be equipped to that hero. The bonus is just not added unless conditionary requirements are met. But, heroes that are NOT a Dwarf can only equip ONE Big item, used or unused.

COMBAT: When fighting a monster, add up all the bonuses of all the Monsters and Monster Altering cards involved in combat. Unless one of the heroes involved in combat is a Warrior, the player must beat the Monster's bonuses by 1. This number is derived by adding the hero's current level, plus any bonuses (or subtracting any Penalties). If the first hero who 'Busted Down the Door' does not have sufficient Attack Points (Level + Bonuses), then he/she can ask for help. This is done by selecting ONE of his current heroes (those NOT Retired). The Opponent may even offer to help for some bargained price, with any ONE of his heroes. If someone helps in combat, their bonuses and levels are added to the first hero's. Once a hero agrees to join combat, he/she cannot back out. If for any reason the hero(s) cannot defeat a Monster(s) then each hero involved in combat must attempt to Run Away separately from EACH Monster in the combat. If a hero is unsuccessful from Running Away from any Monster, that hero must face the consequences of the Bad Stuff of THAT Monster.

The only Hero that gains Levels after defeating a Monster is the one who 'Busted Down the Door'. If for some reason another hero jumps into battle to help, then the first hero leaves. The second hero must face the Monster(s). That second hero does not get any levels if the Monster(s) are defeated, but does get all the treasures. Furthermore, a third hero cannot be asked to help.

Note: The Kneepads of Allure, or other similar Items may be used to force someone into help the wearer of the Item, OR it can be used to PREVENT your opponent from using ONE of his heroes as a helper! In either way, the hero being manipulated by the item gets a saving throw to resist. That player must roll higher than a 6, by rolling a D6 and adding THAT hero's current Level.

RETIRING: Once a hero reaches Level 6, he/she is Retired from play. Take all his Class/Race cards, and Item cards and discard them. Leave just the D6 to represent one Retired hero. Player who Retires All four Heroes in their Troop wins.

DEATH: When a hero(es) suffer Death from Bad Stuff, they lose all their stuff. The player of the dead hero(es) lays down all their cards in ther hand next to all the dead hero's items he/she had in play. All of these cards will be discarded. Prior to being discarded, the opponent gets to select ONE item to add to EACH of his active (non-Retired) heroes. These items must first be given to the lowest level heroes.

Note: this means that if both players have heroes that die in the same combat for whatever reason, one player's opponent will Loot his hero's body, while his own heroes will Loot his Opponent's dead hero's body. Dead heroes do not participate in Looting the Body.

The dead heroe's Level die (D6) remains at the same level.

SELLING ITEMS: Only ONE Level can be bought each turn by each hero in your Troop. Furthermore, Level 6 can only be attained as per normal Munchkin Rules regarding Level Ten.
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Old 01-12-2015, 04:25 PM   #667
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Default Solo Munchkin

Hi guys,
I know munchkin is the best with more peeps playing. Running through the forums i noticed something on a solo play style. Didnt get alot from it by itself but it got me curious, so I found this on BBG

Just wanted to see if anyone tried this and what its like, also, i havnt found how many cards your supposed to use for each deck, unless you just use one base set, like pathfinder or base munckin. Thanks guys. Have a munchkin'y day!

The cajun
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Old 02-05-2015, 06:48 PM   #668
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Hey here are my house rules. I'd like to hear any and all thoughts. It's a pretty major perversion

I'm playing with Munchkin 1-8, Cthulhu 1-3, Booty 1-2 +Fish & Ships, Star Munchkin 1-2 +Space Ships, and Good, Bad & the Munchkin in one deck. Picked up Bites 1-2, Pathfinder, Gobsmacked, Super 1-2, and Zombies 1-4 for the next time we play. We played about 200+ games over the course of our last year in high school as we built up that original deck a few years ago, with these house rules.
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Old 02-08-2015, 05:16 PM   #669
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Naughty players may not use 'Fairy' spells as long as they are naughty (you may keep them in your hand up to the limit)

Naughty plays may try to cheat illegally, getting caught cost all of that type of 'thing' (all cards if you are cheating by card count, all items if cheating with an item.

Nice players lose the all levels and all cards if cheating illegally.

Nice players may not use 'Munch' spells as long as they are nice.

Nice players get an extra card holding capacity, one extra card per 'Fairy' spell held. (or basically Fairy cards do not count aginst hand size)
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Zombie: Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4.
Fantasy: M0D, M7, M8, L1, L2, L3, MP, MgP, KB, SK, PA.
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Old 02-21-2015, 02:08 PM   #670
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Default Re: Member House Rules

This rule applies to the monster Ah Chu from Munchkin Fu.

When Ah Chu is drawn as the Kicking Open The Door phase and the Munchkin in combat states the name, if any other player says some form of "Bless You" the Munchkin side gets a +3.

If Ah Chu is added to a combat and any Munchkin in the combat says some form of "Bless You", the monster side gets a +3.
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