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Default Re: [SUPERS] My Unofficial Handbook to the DC Universe

Re: Commissioner Gordon, I think his +2 from Natural Copper should apply to Professional skill: law enforcement. If it isn't listed under the skills to which that talent applies, it's probably because the game doesn't list every professional skill by name.

A quibble: a number of characters have the perk Climbing Line. But Climbing Line is an exotic perk that means you can exude a climbing line, like a spider.

Maybe what you want is a clothing schtick or equipment perk.

Invisible harness: you have a streamlined climbing harness on at all times. Regardless of what you are wearing, the harness never bulges or shows. Furthermore, it is always accessible--you may clip into it with a single Ready action--and never fouls or tangles on your clothing. (If your character is carrying a rope, cord, or cable, the line is already attached to the harness.) If the character has a Skintight (perk) uniform or costume under his or her normal clothes, the harness is integrated with it.

If captured and stripped to the skin, the harness is removed. If the character gains access to any of his or her clothing and dresses, the he or she has the harness again; this takes no additional time.
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