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Default Re: A Books advantage

The easiest idea to me is a gadget based Talent, possibly Anchored or Accessibility for larger size and non-portable. Especially at lower TL
Visualization could also be made to work
  • Taking time to figure out how to exactly do somethng, say build something from detailed plans. You can retain the bonus longer with Ededitic Memory or taking detailed notes
  • A rough bonus for some research for ess exactly specific situations

Edit... noodling it a bit more.
Library (Statistics: Visualization) Apply Preparation Required at one step lower for most libraries.
Preparation Time Modifier
AI, Memory Palace, or Supernatural assistant for extremely fast access, 1 minute (Base time) +0%
Very well organized and method to quickly get to the right material, possibly a very efficient computer user interface, 10 minutes -20%
Well organized, quality user interface, or specialized library, 1 hour -30%
Typical large library, 8 hours -50%

Apply to general IQ or 1 specific skill, +1 point per additional skill it can be rolled against. When rollng against a skill the bonus applies to that skill or actions that could result from that skill only!
This is basically a skill substitution perk.

Edited again to add link to my blog where I consolidated my thoughts on this topic.
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