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Old 01-22-2019, 01:30 PM   #1
Axly Suregrip
Join Date: Jun 2018
Default Experience cost for x-hex Creation Spells

It does not seem right that someone gaining an IQ point must also learn a creation spell for which he/she already has the lesser variant.

I understand that when you increase your IQ you do not gain any spells for free. You must purchase new spells for 500 XP each.

For example, when you learn a 3-Hex Fire spell, you automatically learn the 1-Hex variant for free. I am suggesting that since there is this relationship between these creation spells, it should also work in the other direction. Or at least have only a nominal cost. Therefore when you upgrade to IQ 12 and you already knew Fire, you automatically get 3-Hex Fire, or at the very least 3-Hex fire should only cost 100 XP. Given the nature of reciprocity with these spells (that by knowing 3-hex fire you fully understand 1 hex) means that by knowing the 1 hex variant you already knew all or most of what it take cast the larger version.

Otherwise a Wizard with lots of Creation spells (fire, create wall, illusion, shadow and image), must pay 500 each when he gets to the 3 or 4 hex sizes and then again when he gets to the 7 hex sizes.

What do you think?
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