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Dr. Beckenstein
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Default Artifcial gravity and lightworlders

According to Gurps Traveller, artificial gravity shows up in the Traveller setting at TL 8.

A lot of the worlds in the 3rd Imperium are simply to small to have an earth-like gravity, and some are to big (unless the GM fiddles a lot with the rules).

So, how common is artificial gravity?

Are the habitats on small worlds (esp. asteroids) equipped with "grav floors", or are there a lot of what Gurps space calls lightworlders, walking broomsticks who can not even crawl under normal gravity?

How do you handle this in your Traveller Universe?
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Default Re: Artifcial gravity and lightworlders

Short answer is all of the above.

Genetically designed lightvworlders exist, as do evolved light worlders as do belters who spend most of their time in artificial gravity and aren’t notably different from other humans.

Same for heavy gravity.

The imperium consists of 10,000 worlds, the Solomani Confederation thousands more... Sword Worlds a couple hundred... unaligned thousands more.

Anywhere in that mix just about any arrangement of evolution, genetic engineering and technology could be found.

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