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Default Re: Index of inequality

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Worker and rentier are stages in the American life cycle.
That's true to some extent*, but
  1. it is more distinctly so on Tau Ceti, where few elderly people live on a government payment and there are few young people in wealthy household, and
  2. it is far from universal in Flat Black, and therefore has to be noted.

* I am even used to this being the case in my native society, Australia having fewer people expecting to depend on a public pension in their retirement than America has, and a narrower distribution of wealth.

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Discussion of FLAT BLACK

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Default Re: Index of inequality

A graph is not practical for a one page brief. And then where do you stop? There are other data points that a graph would be handy. Save those for the 10-15 page full report.

Keep it to a one line entry, with 128 data points that's all it should get. The Gini with a couple of notes would work. Some of the ratios or listings mentioned above would work. A list by category is possible; top 1% has x% of wealth, the rest of the top 10% has y%, then say top 25%, middle 50%, bottom 25%. And you could certainly vary the groups listed for each planet say 5/10/20/60/>20 instead.

Pick one, list an explanation and examples in the key, and move on.
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Default Re: Index of inequality

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
How about giving three numbers that express the ratio of the poorest, the median, and the richest? If it's 1:2:100 that's very different from its being 1:20:100—or 1:90:100, though I find it hard to envision how such a society would come about.
I like this!

You could do something similar and split total income into (say) 5 chunks of 20%. So you get something like "43, 70, 89, 99, 100" telling you how much of the population lives off of each fifth of the economy (and of course the last number is always 100 so you just list 4 numbers). Or maybe it would be better to list them non-cumulatively: "43, 27, 19, 10, 1"?

Hum...I'm not sure how useful that is... I was looking for something split into 20% chunks that still reflects the difference between "the 1%" and rest of the top 20%. I don't know if that works but I really like the idea of using a handful of numbers to give some sense of shape.

If you were using GURPS I would say you should just list the percentage of people in each wealth bracket which is the in game equivalent of telling you to list percentages in income brackets I guess...
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income inequality, planetary romance, sci-fi, society description

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