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Default Re: Powers as techniques

Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
There are actually several canonical ways to do this.

First, buy a wildcard power (let's say Telekinesis!) and multiply its cost by 4. Telekinesis is 5 points per level, so if we bought 5 levels (25 points), we'd pay 100 points. Any advantage that could reasonably fall under the penumbra of TK (DR with force field, binding, innate attacks, afflictions, summonable allies created from TK-animated substances) that costs equal to or less than the base cost (the 25 points), you can use. So, you could have, for example, Flight.
Just for clarity I want to point out the Wildcard power method lets you do the other power while using your TK. There is a reason its that expensive.
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Default Re: Powers as techniques

Ranger1751, are you suggesting a minor variation to Skills for Everyone (Powers 163)?.

The difference being that instead of requiring a new individual skill per power, you assign mundane skills such as Acrobatics, Observation, etc. that matches the theme of the power.

In addition, the character receives a penalty to the skill roll equal to the 1/5 of cost the power. You can buy off this penalty by training it like a Technique.

Where you say "perks", I think you mean "Talents". So there are no Power Talents, but Talents that add to relevant mundane skill will help the relevant power Techniques.

Since this scheme has mixed advantages and disadvantages, you still pay full cost for the power.

If so, I think this could work.

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