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Default Re: SID's Star Wars Campaign (IC)

The party takes a shuttle to the navigator’s shelter, better known as the Nav’s Rest. The shuttles don’t work under a schedule, they often leave when there’s enough people on board or when the algorithm dictates (droids operate these vehicles). You are good to go as soon as you jump in.

You see three people in the shuttle.

A guy wearing a yellow hooded-jacket and a mask (similar to Jin-Roh’s wolf brigade masks). He is reading the newspaper, Nar-Shaddaa’s Gazette. You can read the front page, it says “IS THIS IT? Congress approves creation of the 9909st Legion, UNITA CORPO, the first division under the command of the Jedi in the ALLIANCE regime”.

A young Rodian with a (closed) antigrav-basket (similar to Grogu’s in the Mandalorian). The Rodian is watching a hologram of the Figrin Da'n and the Modal Nodes.

A muscular Devaronian that accompanies the kid, dressed in clothes that resemble doctor scrubs, the name on the tag reads “Lucy”, a patch on the Devaronian’s arm reads “KBSC”.

None of them seem bothered by you.

When the shuttle starts moving, the masked man puts the newspaper down, it seems he’s listening to music, he’s vibing to the beat. You can hear part of the lyrics: “Qoritjontû kûskottoi dzwolanjat.”

The Rodian asks Bibingui if she’s in the Accretion for the parade, this child explains they will visit nav’s rest to buy soil from Kamino, and Water from the mines of Mandalore.

In about 40 minutes, the shuttle will arrive to Nav’s Rest.

Nav’s rest has an approximate extension of 2 miles, it was built on rails-trails that once served for the (initial) construction works of the Accretion, it’s got an industrial look and a cyberpunk vibe; after walking up the stairs you’ll find the food-truck area and a marketplace buzzing with people. You won’t miss the sign “Enjoy COSMOS”, and the stay at A-SYNC’S CAPSULE spectaculars.
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