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Default Re: Star Wars: Imperial Stormtroopers

Originally Posted by Agramer View Post
Question = May I copy/paste small samples of data from GURPs books like above or is it against forum rules?
Your example above was perfectly in order.

Try to avoid posting the entire content of books, but if you're making a point or interpreting text, it's completely acceptable to reproduce it.
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Default Re: Star Wars: Imperial Stormtroopers

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
That sounds like a bunch of trouble. The only thing you have left on the SEAL template when you remove the aquatic special forces thing is high attributes, high Soldier and Tactics and decent combat skills (really just resulting from the attributes).

So why not start with those instead of going through the template?
Well, when I copy/pasted it from the .pdf into WordPad, it went pretty fast.

Converting all the ratings to TL10 Star Wars stuff would be annoying, but I don't need to do that.

Originally Posted by Icelander
Shock troops, especially veteran shock troops, are very different from special operators and for one thing, they don't need nearly as much IQ because they won't have as many IQ-based skills. Their physical attributes, though, may well be higher, as may their weapon skills.

The SEAL template in GURPS SEALS in Vietnam isn't an experienced SEAL, though. It's for a newly arrived SEAL. So an elite unit of shock troops that's been fighting a long time might have more Gunner and Guns, more Soldier, more Tactics, more Fearlessness and more Will; but probably nowhere near that breadth of skill.

They'll not be trained to operate independently or infiltrate through any terrain. They might have Stealth and Camouflage, as well as Observation and decent Per, just from experience, but will generally not have Survival training in a whole bunch of specialities or the Naturalist.
Fearlessness! Good point. They definitely have unbreakable morale.

Your suggestions are well-taken, thanks Icelander.

Originally Posted by Icelander
They'll be trained for the terrain they are in and where they've been, which might well have only been artificial habitats and cities.
I find this extremely unlikely. The Rebels seems to love placing main bases on undeveloped, harsh worlds and the Outer Rim is full of worlds with lots of good places to wage guerilla wars--swamps, forests, jungles, etc.
Also, there are specialized stormtrooper units for aquatic, desert and arctic conditions. So everything in between should be covered in some capacity by the general members, I would suppose.

IMC, Stormtroopers are the tip of the spear, the first units into Rebel strongholds, making boarding actions, frontal assaults, etc., assigned the most dangerous defenses to assault (along with the best armor and artillery support to go with them).
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