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Old 11-28-2021, 04:43 PM   #11
Peter von Kleinsmid
The Fantasy Trip Line Editor
Join Date: May 2021
Default Re: Magic Affecting Multiple Targets

Powerful wizards can be quite capable of taking on quite a few non-wizards, especially if they use their intelligence do clever and effective things that don't leave them vulnerable. Cleverness and good tactical moves are "force multipliers" in TFT.

Which is to say, wizards don't need to take out multiple opponents per turn, to be very effective. They mainly need to make smart choices.

In a battle between large forces, there will be plenty of time for wizards to cast spells. Time (or victims per turn) is rarely the limiting factor on how much a wizard can accomplish during a large-scale battle, because as long as they aren't taken out of action, there will be plenty of turns to cast spells. Their available spell-casting ST is more important. Assistants with Aid are very useful for that. So are spells that have a large effect per ST used.

There are various ways wizards can be useful in military actions, too. Getting involved in the fighting is only one of them. Wizards are pretty rare and difficult to replace, so risking them in a major battle to do things that can be done by troops, may not be the best choice.

And of course, yes, whose side is a wizard usually on? That depends on the specific place and wizard, and can vary a lot. The more powerful the wizard, the more likely many of them may consider their options for being on their own side and doing what they want with themselves.
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