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Old 08-29-2020, 10:35 AM   #11
Joseph R
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Default Re: Flaming weapon questions

The answers above all seem sensible interpretations.

My personal take would probably not rely on intent as a factor (at least in the case of this item) unless the knife were also sapient or at least sentient (which I don't believe is the case here). If the flame activates upon use automatically, I think it's easiest to describe "use" as wielding the weapon, consistant with being able to attack or defend with it, i.e. after a Ready manuever or Fast-Draw. Dropping the weapon; being disarmed; getting the fumble result that means an unready grip... all these could would the flame to go out, IMO.

Being quenched underwater makes perfect sense to me. In a vacuum could also be argued likewise (but that is an edgecase that is less likely to come up in a DF game).

I feel it's perfectly reasonable in the case of a magically-flaming blade, that the owner doesn't use it in a situation where flame is not desired. If you need to sneak with a knife drawn, then that is the time that you carry it sheathed and wield another blade. Ditto as a whittling tool. You could use it to start fires of flammable objects, but only if willing to stand there holding it properly for long enough (duration until ignition would depend upon the circumstances, of course).

Just my take, anyway.
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Old 08-31-2020, 01:26 PM   #12
Black Leviathan
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Default Re: Flaming weapon questions

Originally Posted by Dalin View Post
This is interesting. Would intent matter at all? Could you, for example, choose to use it to whittle some wood without having it burst into flame? Could a thief put it between their teeth while climbing a rope?
Yeah, I don't see how whittling could be interpreting as not-using it so you're going to have some crispy woodwork. And even if a sword held in your teeth isn't being "used" it's still a blade that was just on fire, you're gonna burn your mouth. Also flaming swords create some light. I think if you're being sneaky you need to keep it sheathed.
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