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Default Thoughts on building/executing Technical grappling scenerio with Tentacles.

I was sitting at the local steak and shake with one of my players and we were talking about the Baulders Gate 3 trailer that dropped where a dude turns into a mind flayer.

That spun off our topic of conversation. I, Personally, have always been a big fan of the lore behind the illithids.

I decided that I was going to try and build a racial template for gurps in my downtime.

Long story short. Im having some issues. Mostly on what exacty to use and how it applies and effects the outcome of the build.

For example, I would assume the tentacles would be built as a base "Extra Arms, 4" and then applying extra-flexible, I would imagine Weak or very weak as well.

as honestly I dont see them using them to wield weapons or shields or what have you. I still see them being used as manipulators though. Holding a map, Potion, Ink and Quill, etc.

The particular place where I happen to be stumped is applying them to grappling. More specifically Technical Grappling. And how to Modifiers Apply to that.

For example, Extra arms 4, (Extra-Flexible +50%, Short -50%, Very Weak -50%)
Costs 20Cp.

Which seems reasonably priced or so to me.

However. Short brutalizes the usefulness of the arm to near uselessness.
According to martial arts 114, Each arm after the first gives +2 to hit with a grapple, to prevent your opponent form breaking free, and to help you break free. Then if you have more limbs you get a +3 to pin or resist pin from an opponent.

then right underneath that, short says you NEVER receive any of the Close Combat Bonuses Above, and any attacks using only the short arms are at a -2 regardless of the number of limbs you have.

Now, if that applies directly as written, That is a 20 cp advantage that literally does almost nothing. and even then, cant even do that well.

Now all of that gets even weirder with Technical Grappling.

How I would imagine the tentacles working, is not great for weapons. They just wouldn't be coordinated/strong enough/long enough to be of any use trying to wield a weapon is all but the most dire of circumstance. However, being grappled by 4 octopus type tentacles around the neck/head would be a horrifying experience and extremely hard to bet out of, ( eg large amount of cp applied)

However, by the book, physical weapon wielding and grappling seem to be a package deal, either both or neither of them.

Anybody thought of a better way to work it out? or perhaps see a mistake in my logic or interpretation of the books? Any insight?
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extra arms, modifiers, technical grappling, tentacles

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