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Default Re: The Bandit Thread

Originally Posted by Sindri View Post
Great responses so far. Does anyone know about the frequency of running into highwaymen? I know that some times and places had a lot more than others but is there any information on how common being held up by a highwayman was in specific places and times?

Highway men not so much I imagine, a group of bored aggressive teenagers with loose morals and ethics walking around at night in gangs because vandalism, rape (to be blunt) and free money is 'fun' is a lot more common. You simply did not walk around at night without a light source and friends back then.

Very fine very cheap weapons seems like they would be difficult to acquire for even comparatively successful bandits. I suppose it depends on the prevalence of very fine weapons but I'd expect them to just use less cheap weapons.

Your highly successful bandit lords will always have some kind of really good knife. Maybe not ever better than the local populace, but the more popular thieving locations have more money going through them. At the least, they'll definitely have the best weapon. If that happens to be a wood cutter's axe, then it's a wood cutter's axe.
Replies in bold.

In my worlds the most likely reason for a bandit to go for the kill is because he lives in small enough of a town where he can be recognized, or has a big enough of a reputation that he can be found. Desperate fringe psychotics aren't unheard of but the 2 most likely reasons for bandit activity are boredom and desperation.

If your local bandit lord happens to be the blacksmith's son, or the blacksmith himself, you may have a problem on your hands. Not that they'll be walking around in plate mail, but most gangs will have shivs and improvised wooden clubs (tree branches). Dealing with bandits with proper tools is a bit more troubling.
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