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Old 04-14-2016, 06:25 AM   #711
Join Date: Apr 2016
Default Munchkin 2 player rules

I came up with some 2 player rules. I haven't had a chance to play test them. Tell me what you guys think!

Bickering Servants

Players create two characters each. One gets 3 cards of each type and starts at level 2. This is the Master. The other starts with 2 cards of each type and starts at level 1. This is the servant.

The servant will always fight on the side of their Master, however they will not fight on the side of the other Player's characters. If they have the opportunity to sabotage the other player then they will take it, even if their Master has joined the fight.

Each time you get treasure the Master gets first pick. They assign treasure to their servant. They can not give their servant any cards that would make the servant the same level as they are. If something would lower a Master character's level then lower their Servant's level instead. Any cards that can't be played by either the Master or the Servant are available to the Master to sell or trade. Servants can't have henchmen or mounts. Servants don't get class cards, only Masters.

If the combined force of the Master and Servant are not enough then the Servant dies first. The Master gets all the loot from their Servant. If the Master also dies then the other player can loot the body and the other player comes back one level lower drawing a starting amount of cards again for themselves and their servant.

If there is something where you don't know if it targets the Master or the Servant then roll 1d6. On a 1-2 it hits the Master but on 3-6 the Master dodges faster than his servant. If you are running away the Master gets away on a 5 or higher. The servant gets away on a 4 or higher.
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Old 05-17-2016, 05:29 AM   #712
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Default Re: Member House Rules

House Rule #1: Separate Races/Classes/Thingies decks. This one has been mentioned, but I think I have a slightly different twist on it.

Separate all class/race/thingies with sleeves into separate decks, but also add 4x human/no-class/equivalent cards into each new deck.

Players start the game with one of each thingy available (in addition to the normal 4 door and 4 treasure cards). Note: if there are multiple sets in play that offer the same thingy, players choose only one.

You may loose your thingies as per normal rules. Instead of looting the room, players may draw a new thingy and may immediately play/replace the newly drawn card, or place into hand.

House Rule #2: Themed Side Decks. I have Munchkin I-VIII + Legends I-III + a bunch of boosters/promos shuffled into one set. This diluted the synergy of the themed expansions like Christmas.

Put all of the themed booster packs and expansions into separate sets of door and treasure decks. I also suggest adding any other appropriate cards (such as the original Santa to the Christmas deck). The sets I have made so far are:
  • Pets (based on kittens and puppies boosters)
  • Christmas
  • Easter (based on easter eggs booster)
  • Halloween (based on tricky treats booster)
  • Fairy Tales (based on Princesses, knights, and dragons boosters)
  • Valentines's Day (based on love shark baby booster)
It may seem that there aren't enough cards to make a side deck, but for instance, my Valentine's Day deck, which started as a 15-card booster, has 27 doors and 13 treasures--Enough I think.

An added bonus is now all these theme decks can easily be incorporated into other Munchkin games... Like Munchkin Bites! + Valentine's Day, Munchkin Zombies + Halloween, or how about a Munchkin Cthulhu Christmas?

I suggest sleeving the cards with a slip of colored paper behind to distinguish each themed deck from each other and the main deck.

House Rule #3: Tables! I love to roll on tables (doesn't everybody?)

I have amassed over 200 bookmarks, coins, accessories, and promos (personal swag) over the years--And each one gives an in-game bonus. There is also numerous pawns, tokens, level counters, and dice (shared swag).

It would be very Munchkiny to sit down with all my swag the next time I play and insta-win, but not very fun, or friendly. So I developed a series of %-based tables for players to roll on to determine:
  • The Base Games(s)
  • The Theme Decks(s) (see House Rule #2)
  • The Shared Swag (see above)
  • The Personal Swag (see above)
In addition, there are six Swag sub-tables broken down by type. Here is an example of two of the tables:

01-06....Munchkin Blender
07-13....Munchkin Christmas
14-19....Munchkin Easter
20-25....Munchkin Fairy Dust
26-31....Munchkin Fairy Tales
32-38....Munchkin Halloween
39-44....Munchkin Pets
45-50....Munchkin Valentine's Day
57-81....Choose One from this table
82-94....Choose Two from this table
95-00....Choose Three from this table

01-33....Roll once on the BOOKMARK TABLE below
34-76....Roll once on the MISCELLANEOUS SWAG TABLE below
77-89....Roll once on the SPECIALTY CARD TABLE below
90-93....Choose One from this table
94-98....Choose Two from this table (may choose a duplicate result)
99-00....Choose Three from this table (may choose a duplicate result)

House Rule #4: Bookmark Proxies My precious...

I use cardstock proxies for bookmarks that use the torn up pieces as part of their mechanic.
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Old 08-16-2016, 07:53 AM   #713
Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Default Re: Member House Rules

We've got a couple house rules that can create some very good moments of anger but these are my favorite:

Thief Twist - After a third unsuccessful roll to steal something you lose the Thief Class.

Death Is No Funny Business - When you die you lose everything, you only keep your Class/Race/Accent etc. You go back to level 1 and you stay dead until it's your turn again.

We've also changed some monsters Bad Stuff due to them being to weak for the monster:

Prince Of Wales from Booty - He eats you but you luckily escape through is blow hole... naked. Loose all your items.

Kraken from Legends - The foul stench from is breath melts your brain, You're Dead.
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Old 09-06-2016, 01:14 PM   #714
Join Date: Aug 2016
Default Re: Member House Rules

With two young daughters that play, I just let them put down armor and bonuses whenever (even in combat), since half the time the 7 year old didn't even realize she had something she could wear. :)
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Old 09-07-2016, 05:24 PM   #715
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Default Re: Member House Rules

One of our groups house rules the Cultist class coming from anywhere in the stacks to fulfill a "X becomes a Cultist" effects. So if one isn't in the discards one is pulled from the deck.
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Old 09-14-2016, 06:41 AM   #716
Join Date: Feb 2015
Default Re: Member House Rules

I'm thinking about incorporating a lite version of Apocalypse's seal mechanics into Fantasy munchkin as an alternate ending.

After n+1 deaths (where n=players), the dungeon is sated by all their souls and starts coming to life. Munchkins loot the corpses then high-tail it out if there, and the one with the most gold value wins. Gaining 3 levels in a turn subtracts from the counter.

Might spice it up and avoid the predictable scrum of level 9s at the end.
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Old 11-22-2016, 02:32 PM   #717
Join Date: Nov 2016
Default Epic Munchkin House Rules

Does anyone have suggestions for house rules when playing an Epic game? We are using the Munchkin core set and expansions M2-M4.

Our epic games usually end up with every player geared up to fight around mid 40s or 50s which means even if two level 20 monsters were found while kicking down the door it's not any challenge even if a monster enhancer or two were to be played. It's basically an unobstructed straight shot to level 18 or 19.

Once someone is fighting a game winning monster (or two) basically the only way to stop them is to put down a Polymorph Potion or Potion of Disbelief, or some other item/card that stops the combat from happening so that the monster can't be defeated.

With all of that in mind, can anyone help us with some house rules to make for an interesting game before level 18?
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Old 12-13-2016, 11:23 AM   #718
Join Date: Nov 2016
Default Re: Member House Rules

We went with adding 10 levels to every monster that enters combat. If the munchkins are epic the monsters should be too. This does interfere with the Epic Orc's ability to eat a level 1 monster uncontested since there is no such thing as a level 1 monster anymore for an epic munchkin, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
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Old 12-25-2016, 11:36 PM   #719
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Default Munchkin on a battle mat

From all the research ive done and work ive put in, i want to know one thing.
Am i the only one the plays munchkin on a battle mat and like to come up with fun and interesting rules for it?
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Old 12-26-2016, 08:49 AM   #720
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Default Re: Munchkin on a battle mat

Originally Posted by kingkyler View Post
From all the research ive done and work ive put in, i want to know one thing.
Am i the only one the plays munchkin on a battle mat and like to come up with fun and interesting rules for it?
Well, the new playmats kindof qualify as battle mats. What kind of rules have you come up with for your battle mat?
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