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Default Re: [Spaceships/Pyramid 3/34] SHIELD Helicarrier from Avengers

I've only seen the first Iron Man, but he appears to have far more than a single G of acceleration. Enough that, realistically, a human would spill out as tomato soup when landing.
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Default Re: [Spaceships/Pyramid 3/34] SHIELD Helicarrier from Avengers

OK, I took a second try at the Milano. I took all your suggestions into account, but I still think SM +6 is the right size for it, so I freed up some space by eliminating the Contragravity Lifter and taking the weapons down a size (they never seemed all that powerful). You're right that there's more than 2 seats on the bridge, but only 2 of those seats were control stations, so I added in passenger seats to represent the rest of the bridge. I can't remember if there were 4 seats or 5 all together, but with the way GURPS Spaceships scales, it was either add 2 seats or 6, so I went with 2. I think there were only 4 seats total anyway, as I recall, Groot always stood on the bridge. I also converted the X-Ray Lasers to Particle Beams, as per your suggestions. I used the smaller systems rules from Spaceships 7 to fit the weapons and passenger seats into one system, and, from the same book, I added a maneuver enhancement, because the Milano seemed extremely maneuverable, and I wanted to keep it's air handling at +5. Anyway, here's my second draft of the Milano.


Front Hull

[1-2] Nanocomposite Armor, dDR 16, $1M
[3] Control Room (2 Control Stations, C8 Computer, Comm/Sensor 6), $600K
[4!] Three SM +5 Systems
(1) 2 Passenger Seats, $10K
(2-3!!) 2 Major Batteries (2 10 MJ Particle Beams, Fixed Mount), $300K
[5] Maneuver Enhancement, $150K
[6] Habitat (1 Cabin), $100K

Center Hull

[1-2] Nanocomposite Armor, dDR 16, $1M
[3-5] Cargo Hold, 15 Tons
[6, Core] Habitat (Lounge, Bunkroom), $200K

Rear Hull

[1-2] Nanocomposite Armor, dDR 16, $1M
[3] Engine Room, $30K
[4] Fuel Tank (1 Week of Hyperspace Travel), $300K
[5!] Hyperspace Drive, FTL-1, $1M
[6!] Hot Reactionless Thruster, 2G, $300K
[Core] Fusion Reactor, 2 Power Points, 600 Years Endurance, $1M

Artificial Gravity, $100K
Stealth Hull, $500K
Winged, $500K
FTL Comm/Sensor Arrays
Stardrive Fuel

TL 11^; dST/HP 30; HT 13; Hnd/SR 0/4; Move 2G/FTL-1; SM +6; LWt. 100; dDR 16; Occ 6ASV; Load 15.6; Cost $8.09M

Air Performance

Move 20/1750; Hnd/SR +5/5
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Default Re: [Spaceships/Pyramid 3/34] SHIELD Helicarrier from Avengers

Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
He can hover vertically using just his thrusters; this means he must have a thrust of at least 1G, more to be able to fly straight up. Anything over 1G means that the only thing that will limit him from reaching escape velocity is lack of fuel, not acceleration, and he seems to have a plot driven amount of "fuel" energy available.
He slams into the ceiling at 10% power; and hovers at 1%. So if his thrust is quadratic in power, he can probably hit 10G. If it's cubic (not sure why it would be) then he can hit 4.5g or so. If it's linear, he's soup. In reality it probably means he can hit a pretty impressive acceleration without much regard to current velocity. We know he's supersonic, and a ridiculously cursory internet search suggests Mach 2 to Mach 5 in bursts.
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