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Default Re: GURPS Navigation (Land) and Terrain

Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
So, geographical landmarks may add bonuses, speed is a handicap in itself, visibility modifiers (foliage and mist for example) may be a penalty if using the stars, having a compass will eliminate visibility penalties (but maybe not grant bonuses), following a trail may add bonuses and may require vision or tracking rolls if there is low visibility.
A compass alone will not compensate for lack of landmarks. It's really easy when following a compass to drift to the left or right while still facing the right direction (and thinking that you're moving in the right direction).
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Default Re: GURPS Navigation (Land) and Terrain

From my own experience of Map and compass it depends on the Map as much as it does with visibility.

Hold old is the Map, is it's age relevant to what it is being used for?

I must admit we have OS maps in the UK and they come with so much information: Heights, contours, Magnetic Variation etc etc.

Getting from A to B the direct route may make you descend and ascend, this is usually a no no in hiking. However, a slightly longer route you can 'contour' around the terrain. Give or take the Naismith's rule on hiking.

The task would fall between two skills. Navigation and Hiking. Difficulty by visibility and outdated maps (circumstantial). I remember hiking in a fog across a saddle from one spur to the mount and we saw the track and lined up of what was on the map and leap frogged each other to move forwards. Albeit it was just a 'task' and a demonstration on navigation in visibility of less than 20m.
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