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Default Re: Technical question about alternate abilities and compartmentalized mind

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Personally I see no reason why it should supplant Duplication (Mental Only). They do different things.
Just to follow up on this... going the 'Mental' Duplicates route is way more expensive, at 92 points for one Dupe, 160 for two Dupes, and +63 points per extra Dupe up to 10 total and then +10 points extra to go to 99 Dupes ... I mean, Mind Link you know*? And that's if you agree that "No Permanent Duplicate Death" is only worth +100%.

* Personally I'd smooth the costs to 65 per Dupe and call it a new Meta Advantage like "Summon Tulpa".

Summon Tulpa 65 points/level
You can create a mental duplicate of yourself that lives within your own mind. It has no control over your body and may only take Concentration Maneuvers. It has it's own set of all your mental abilities and powers but shares your FP and HP.

Under the hood:
5/10/+10 Mind Link
24 Telesend [30] ("Self Only", -20%)
63 Duplication [35] (Mental Only, +0%; Shared Resources, -40%; No Sympathetic Injury, +20%; No Permanent "Dupe Death", +100%)

Duplication and Compartmentalized Mind have inherent differences, and need to be treated differently. Take whichever one best fits your needs of course, but let's keep them seperate.
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Default Re: Technical question about alternate abilities and compartmentalized mind

Kromm replied to a PM of mine, and gave me permission to share. So here's his word on the question.

Originally Posted by Kromm (PM)
No, Compartmentalized Mind (CM) does not grant multiple copies of abilities for the purposes of switching alternate abilities, consuming limited uses, triggering cooldowns, and so forth!

All mechanics that make abilities cheaper do so under the assumption that they'll actually limit the character. Making CM a one-stop shop for working around such things makes it a one-stop shop for cheesy abuse. It might seem fine when you're paying 50 points to get around innate usage limits on a cheap ability . . . but what happens when someone takes Ability 1 [1,000] and Ability 2 [1,000] as alternative abilities, pays 1,200 points, drops 50 points for CM 1, and enjoys 2,000 points of abilities along with all the incidental benefits of CM for just 1,250 points? That would be a crock.

Thus, the answer is a definitive "No way!" The main benefit of CM is extra actions. That's what 50 points fairly buys.
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compartmentalized mind

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