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Default Session 6 (2019-01-05)

Thoughts on June 29th

As I had to leave the inn before Lady Karita got up in the morning, I left a note for her with the innkeeper, asking if she’d prefer it if I stayed away from her at the ball. Knowing nobles, I figured she might have an ulterior motive for going to the party, and if that was the case, I wouldn’t want to interfere. I didn’t explicitly mention it, but I assumed she’d let me know in the reply if she had any special instructions for me.

On our way to the first performance, Olivia and I organized for a carriage to stand ready for us after the second performance, so we could hurry to the party afterwards, as we would be arriving later than what would be considered fashionable.

Between the performances, we returned to the inn to have a meal and see if Lady Karita had replied. Her note simply said that she had invited me along as entertainment, and that I should treat her like any other patron. That meant that I was free to enjoy myself without having to bother with politics. I was really looking forward to the ball, now. I think it’s been three years since I last attended one.

The evening performance went well, and Olivia and I hurried to the awaiting carriage where Olivia helped me into my new gown. We didn’t have time to do much with my hair, so a little tidying had to suffice. Ordinarily I would have seen a professional hair-dresser, of course, but needs must…

I made my entrance, gliding sinuously through the crowd. Lady Karita introduced me to the hosts. I exchanged a few pleasantries with them, but it didn’t take long before I was swept away to the dance floor. It was nice treading the intricate steps of the ballroom dances again, it really has been too long. My old dance teacher might have noticed I was a little out of practice, but I don’t think my partners perceived it.

I spotted Lady Karita watching me a couple of times; I don’t know why. Maybe she just enjoyed the view. Dancing is my second-best skill after all. The noblemen who danced with me certainly enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed myself immensely too.

When it was time to leave, I sought out Olivia. Seeing the guilt on my face, she simply asked “how many?” “Two,” I confessed, feeling the tears well up in my eyes. Olivia’s bosom was wet when we descended from the carriage at the Red Mansion, but her forgiveness, through the medium of her dress, had dried my eyes. I ordered hot water brought up to our room so I could cleanse myself before beginning to repay her eternal kindness.

Thoughts on June 30th

Feeling better, I went shopping with Olivia after breakfast. She laughed that I truly had become an adventurer when she heard my shopping list.

Our first stop was at Alfrey’s shop, where I bought a backpack. I had discovered that I need more than a small pouch if I’m going to take anything along from the saddlebags into ruined crypts. Juggling a bow, a first aid kit, treasures and a mummy is more than I want to try again. Although the gift for Olivia’s birthday must be ready by now, I’m content to leave it at the shop for now, lest she discover it in our rooms.

Stop number two was at the guildhall. I showed the people there my special arrow, the one that was said to hit its target more easily, and asked if anyone knew where I might acquire more, and at what price. I had come to the right place, but no such arrow was in store right now; they tended to sell out quickly.

Then we went to the stables to see if someone could teach Lightfoot not to be afraid of the darkness of the underworld. I left him in capable hands and was told the training would take a month. I should probably have delivered him there earlier, but I’m such a scatterbrain. Thankfully, I have Olivia to help me remember the important stuff, but she can’t truly read my mind, even though it seems like it sometimes. For minor things like this, I’ll have to tell her the moment I think of them, otherwise I forget completely.

It was only one show today, after which Olivia and I had dinner with the rest of the guys in a private room. Maybe we should find a cool name for our adventuring party? Olivia’s fallen asleep, but I’ll mention it first thing in the morning so she can help me remember to ask the rest of them. Anyway…

The others told us what they’d been up to for the last few days. Lady Karita revealed that she had been tasked by her family to look up a distant relative here to see why he hadn’t done his job. Apparently, something’s wrong in the metal-exporting industry around here, and her cousin had been ordered to find out what’s going on. Lady Karita was suspicious about his evasiveness, and wanted to take the investigation into her own hands, preferably without alerting her cousin or anybody else, like the Tinderholms, who had increased their wealth substantially lately. Kine contributed with the fact that she wasn’t allowed to buy metal ores or goods for export.

During the discussion, the others also revealed that they had broken into the courthouse a few nights ago, looking through various records. Lady Karita had asked Kine to make a distraction for the guards while she gained entry to the building. Kine is in heat again, so it wasn’t difficult to guess her strategy. Magnar had trailed them for security, and had been forced to witness some of the proceedings. He wasn’t very forthcoming with the details.

But it was lucky for Kine he had come along, because she had followed Lady Karita into the building without letting her know, so when Lady Karita emerged again, erasing her tracks, Magnar was there to inform her that she had just locked Kine inside the building. Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to unlock the door again and bring Kine out.

We discussed how we could investigate without raising suspicion. I don’t remember what Lady Karita and Magnar are going to do, but tomorrow, I’m going to join Kine when she tries to figure out what kinds of goods will be profitable for her to export. I got the impression that it’s somehow related to the investigation.
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