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Default Skills for operating a TL9 ballistic missile submarine

Assume a fairly linear extrapolation of present-day tech. (This is for a Reign of Steel campaign.)

Shiphandling (Submarine): overall control and direction
Submarine (Large Sub): steering, diving and ascending
Electronics Operation (Sonar): the sonar
Electronics Operation (Comms): radio, laser and sound comms
Electronics Operation (EW): ESM gear and sonar countermeasures
Navigation (Sea): determining position and route
Mechanic (Large Sub): maintenance other than weapons
Armoury (Heavy Weapons): weapon maintenance
Artillery (Ballistic Missile*): nuclear missiles
Artillery (Cruise Missile*): torpedo-tube-launched cruise missiles
Artillery (Torpedo): torpedoes
Submariner: living on board

Am I missing anything? I don't see Computer Operation (or Electronics Repair (Computer)) as being particularly important; they're more or less subsumed into the broader job skills.

* are for new specializations of artillery - "cruise missile" is for something that uses terrain matching, lat/long and maybe a target picture for terminal guidance, while "ballistic missile" is for purely lat/long weapons. In theory these could both be rolled into Guided Missile, and distinctions made with familiarity penalties. Thoughts?
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