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Default Re: [SUPERS] My Unofficial Handbook to the DC Universe

Originally Posted by chandley View Post
Oh I agree with the MA pool for all of that, its great. What I was petitioning for Fast Gadgeteer for was the more permanent kinds of mods he makes to equipment that isnt really a "Gadget limited Ability" in GURPS terms. Like the Batmobile or Batjet. Or if he has it in this build, that crime computer of his. All cutting to bleeding edge equipment that he has taken one step further and customized. You dont get the impression he spends months to years modding the Batmobile is all.

If it dont fit, it dont fit, just something to consider.
I just think Quick Gadgeteer takes things too far. Batman's never really shown to work like McGuyver building new gadgets out of the trash in an alley way, or making a new device overnight to face a threat.

He rarely does any inventing during an adventure that I can remember--it's usually more a case of "I've been working on a device for just this occasion" or, "I realized last time I faced Clayface that I would need...".

Instead, I'd just allow him to use his massive financial resources and high skills and intelligence to offset penalties for rushing.
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