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Default Re: Move And Attack [WARP]

You can take Rapid Fire for multiple teleports during a turn, though you only normally have one attack per turn, so it is of limited utility. My favorite example involves a character teleporting behind a target, grappling them, teleporting the target 100 meters up, letting them go, and teleporting to safety without the target.
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Default Re: Move And Attack [WARP]

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I wouldn't let the no die roll required apply to blinking away from an attack, but it almost doesn't need to.
On a RAW based argument No Die Roll Required absolutely applies.

On a fairness based argument, No Die Roll Required costs 100! extra points, for that kind of cost you should get some serious oomph. Unless you drop another 50! points on Compartmentalized Mind, you can only use your warp dodge once per turn:

You can use Warp to evade attacks in combat. Once per turn, you may teleport to any location you can see within 10 yards, instantly.
We're talking about

Warp (Cosmic: No Die Roll Required, +100%; Reliable +10, +50%; Gyroscopic,+10%) [260]

260 points should allow powerful abilities, for 250 you can get Recovery [10]; Regeneration: Fast [50]; Regrowth [40]; unkillable 3 [150] and make injury, mutilation and death minor nuisances.
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no die roll required, power dodge

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