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Default Aimed Rapid Fire Ranged Deceptive Attack

Say I have a character with Guns (Rifle)-12 and an Assault Carbine with Acc 4 and RoF 15. My boy is trying to shoot some pesky ninjas with high Dodge scores 5 yards away, so he decides to take a Prediction Shot or Ranged Deceptive Attack (MA 121). Now, with the -2 penalty for shooting a target 5 yds away, my only adequately skilled gunman is already shooting at an effective skill of 10, too low for a Deceptive Attack. However, if he takes an Aim maneuver and unloads his full RoF, heíll add +7 to his roll for an effective skill-17! Now he can eat -6 in Deceptive Attack penalties and give his target -3 dodge.

So, am I understanding these rules right? Do the bonuses from Aim and RoF count for taking Deceptive Attacks? It seemed odd to me that some guy with a decent guns skill could take an enemyís Dodge from 12 to 9 just like that, or maybe modern weapons just that effective. I donít know if this has been addressed anywhere, especially since the rules for Prediction Shots were added later on in GURPS

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