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Prince Charon
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Default [Space/Thaumatology] Stargate: Fantasy - Worldbuilding thread

Like most televised science fiction, a lot of the 'science' in the Stargate setting is basically magic, and thinking about that lead me to trying to imagine a fantasy version of the setting, much like Warhammer 40,000 is a Dark SF version of Warhammer Fantasy.

The Stargates become powerful magic Artifacts of the Ancients (probably still interstellar portals, but they could be interdimensional instead, or as well), with the various energy weapons and such being more common magical devices. The Ascended are basically gods or powerful spirits even in the official setting, so no real change there beyond less pretending otherwise, though the Goa'Uld or whatever replaces them should probably be demons or magical monsters pretending to be gods. The Asgard are another matter, since the Norse gods in their own mythology did have an defined end, and were capable of dying, yet were still very much considered gods. They might be the High Elf equivalent, or might be replaced. The Nox are a bit too gentle to fit the faeries or most other fantasy or mythical beings that I'm aware of, but 'powerful, pacifist fae' is an interesting idea. The Jaffa or equivalent might be all one type of modified human as in canon, or might be several varieties.

My plan for the thread is to post various worldbuilding questions and work from the results, so some of the Stargate races and items may be replaced, or dropped entirely. There are a few places I could start, but I'm going with asking about the magic system, as that will determine a lot of the other worldbuilding. The question will be posted in a little bit.

Table of Contents

Magic System Question I
Magic System Question II
Magic System Question III
Magic System Question IV
Magic System Question V

Time Period Question I
Time Period Question II
Time Period Question II, revised
Time Period Question III

Goa'Uld Question I
Goa'Uld Question II

Stargate Command Question I
Stargate Command Question II
Stargate Command Question III
Stargate Command Question IV
Stargate Command Question V
Stargate Command Question VI
Stargate Command Question VII
Stargate Command Question VIII

Undead Question I

Elves Question I

Staff-weapon Question I

Stargate Question I
Stargate Question II
Stargate Question III

Teleportation Question I

Faster Than Light Question I
Faster Than Light Question II
Faster Than Light Question III

Interdimensional Travel Question I

Little People Question I
Little People Question II

Cat People Question I

Shapeshifting Question I
Shapeshifting Question II

Giantfolk Question I
Giantfolk Question II
Giantfolk Question III

G'annan of Frolec Question I
G'annan of Frolec Question II
G'annan of Frolec Question III
G'annan of Frolec Question IV
G'annan of Frolec Question V
G'annan of Frolec Question VI
G'annan of Frolec Question VII
G'annan of Frolec Question VIII

Frolechi Question I
Frolechi Question II
Frolechi Question III
Frolechi Question IV
Frolechi Question V
Frolechi Question VI
Frolechi Question VII
Frolechi Question VIII
Frolechi Question IX
Frolechi Question X

Important Regional Cultures Question I
Important Regional Cultures Question II
Important Regional Cultures Question III
Important Regional Cultures Question IV
Important Regional Cultures Question V

Chain of Astarte Question I
Chain of Astarte Question II
Chain of Astarte Question III
Chain of Astarte Question IV
Chain of Astarte Question V
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