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Default Re: [Game] Work Up a Steampunk Setting

Question 33

It has been stated that China has collapsed. Why did it collapse? Are there any factions fighting it out or did it just disintegrate into various warlord states?

Answer to Q33

China collapsed two reasons, the intrusion of the Empire of Japan into their sphere of influence, and the rise of Mongolia in the north.

Troubling China

The Empire of Japan has caused great disruption throughout China, and the inability of the Chinese government led to large-scale resentment towards central authority. The country devolved into many smaller kingdoms as the people consolidated around those nobles and other leaders who were able to create a sense of local stability. Some of these provinces are, in essence, vassals of the Empire of Japan, paying large fees to escape military censure from the Japanese.

Greater Mongolia

Mongolia experienced a kind of cultural and economic renaissance with the collapse of Russia. The Mongolians have united under the banner of a new Khan, who and they have taken advantage of the widespread chaos in China to grab lands to their south as well as lands to north where the sway of Russian power has loosened considerably. The economy and technologic assets of Greater Mongolia been boosted by British interests who want to use Greater Mongolia as a local power buffer against the growing threat of Japanese Imperialism.

Question 35

What has happened to Korea?
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