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Default Affliction (Morph) & Machine Upgrades

A player in a new game wants to the power to rapidly upgrade machines, as well as other non-self shape-changing abilities. He wants to get Affliction (Morph; Cosmic, Traits need not exist in game world, +50%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +300%; Improvised Forms, +100%; No Memorization Required, +50%; Unlimited, +50%). His logic is that he can just devise improved models and then morph a machine of another model into an upgraded version of his own design.

Is this reasoning valid? It will be a very expensive trait, overall, so maybe it should be able to do something like that. Is this the right trait for it though, or should he be buying something else, like maybe Quick Gadgeteering, as an Alternate Ability?

If I allowed this, I'd want the Affliction that upgrades things to have some connection to the character's engineering / tech skill. I think that seems fair.
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Default Re: Affliction (Morph) & Machine Upgrades

Make him do the invention process to the step of making the designs. Once he has designs, then he can morph machines into other machines.

Also, give him Accessibility: Only On Machines, unless you want him to settle disputes by turning the other guy into a toaster.
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affliciton, affliction, machine, morph, shapeshifting, upgrades

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