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David Johnston2
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Default Re: How to defeat Reflexive Insubstantial?

Originally Posted by kirbwarrior View Post
Weird. I've always rules that Reflexive is automatic, but you have to choose to do it (insubstantial would turn on and stay on until you turn it off). I can't quite tell reading over that page if Power Dodging is assumed for Reflexive (I'd use it if you had Reduced Time only, though).
On consideration the part about reflexive abilities waking you up has to do with senses. Getting hit would wake you up anyway. But if you have Reflexive "Sense Magnetism", then a strong magnetic field would wake you up the way a loud noise would. If you get hit in your sleep, then your Reflexive Forcefield turns on right _after_ you take the hit.
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Default Re: How to defeat Reflexive Insubstantial?

By the way, discussion over here on Reflexive.
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affects insubstantial, insubstantiality, power dodge, reflexive

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