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Default Super Munchkin - Plot Device

So tonight I was playing Super Munchkin and ran across a situation that was going to win me the game until a scenario happened that I was unsure of.

So I turned a Level 16 Monster over and my strength is 41. Someone played a plot device which made me losing by 1 so I assume that would put me at 15. Then someone else played a Wandering Monster and a Level 8 monster which I was really unsure of what to do.

I ended up just taking the Death cause I didn't know what to do.

1. Should I have played both monsters separately which means I would have been losing by 1 on the first one and be beating the 2nd one by an ungodly amount?

2. Or would they combine and I would have been down by 9?

Hopefully I made this as clear as possible but I can try to clarify more if need be.
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Default Re: Super Munchkin - Plot Device

You never fight the Monsters separately, so you would be down by 9. The Super Munchkin Plot Device sets the combat at essentially +1 or -1 for the Munchkin side, so you obviously need to adjust. Now, the easiest way I find to handle that specific card is to have it give a bonus to the appropriate side. Since you were 41, I would make the plot device a +24 for the Monster side to give the Monster 42. The second Monster would then give the Monster side 50 to your 41.
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