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jason taylor
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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Alabaster Tales:

A series of tales purported to have been told in the "Alabaster Palace" during the Long Night. While some of the details of it were revealed the planet of origin is not. It is said that the palace was once owned by a forgotten monarch and while part was abandoned one wing was converted to the use of passing captains as a hotel. The operating wing is described in detail as are the drinks and food there. Little is said about the rest of the palace except that it is labyrinthine and possibly haunted and little is said about the mysterious planet except that it is inhabited by barbarians and covered with impassible wilderness. The Alabaster Palace was purportedly on a stopping point of trade fleets and it's prestige was so much that the starport it sits on was named after it.

The collection includes Old Spacer's Tales, poetry, jokes, recipes and number of stories set in the Palace itself, usually of the mystery or fantastic sort all told by the familiar vehicle of putting them into the mouths of characters. Different readers naturally have different favorites and some became folkheroes. The drink and food details are realistic enough and they have been copied in many a fashionable establishment. The Palace itself has had theme establishments made on many worlds but though local copyright may apply it is in public domain in Imperial law.
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