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Default GURPS Fantasy , shared world, recruiting

I am recruiting for a GURPS Fantasy setting world-building project.

goal: We will create a GURPS fantasy setting, intended for actual gaming use. It will be non-commercial in nature, intended as a 'gift' to the community.

Administrative stuff:
I will be the editor-in-chief. What that means is that I will have oversight of the project as a whole. This job is a necessary one, as I have seen shared-worlds/group projects fall apart or become incoherent without an authority to keep the project 'on track.

The editor will be in charge of admitting contributors to the project and maintaining internal consistency ( with the help of all the contributors).

A wiki will be set up, as the project evolves. This wiki will become the project website and repository of information about our setting.

For now, I am limiting the list of contributors to a total of nine individuals, including myself. More may be admitted later, but the editor will first consult with the group before making that decision. Too many contributors may make the project unmanageable.

I already have one likely recruit, so we are currently at two contributors. If anyone else in interested, please post below or PM me.

general creative guidelines:

GURPS Fantasy, shared world

TL: any between 0- 3+1 [stone age through medieval with anachronisms, but no TL 4 guns]

Sapient beings:
• common: humans [may include human sub-races with unusual hereditary/cultural traits]
• Uncommon in most locales: undead, spirits, constructs, etc
• No elves, dwarves, hobbits, orcs, etc- new non-human sapient species are possible, but should be rare, isolated, hidden, or otherwise not too prominent

Magic: default level is normal mana, large areas of low mana exist.
Standard rules with minor exceptions:
• Items created from nothing by magic must be maintained or they will disintegrate/decay [prevents use of magic from simply replacing mining, lumbering, farming, etc]
• Teleport is only possible between gates. Gates are less reliable as local mana levels drops.
• Nature of enchantment precludes mass production of even simple magic items.
• Power Investiture for ‘clerics’ is a design option- but such empowered servants of the gods/spirits should not be too terribly common [not every village priest should wield magic, or every monk and temple functionary, even in high magic zones]
• Mana fields: vary from none through very high. High and very high should be limited to fairly small pockets, not huge swathes of countryside.
• Mana levels will decline is too much is drawn out of the environment over time. Recovery of drained mana fields is slow, but special events may hasten/delay this process.

Planetary info: Assume fairly earthlike world, fantastic features are certainly possible- especially in higher mana zones.

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fantasy world, necromancy

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