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Default G:Magic spell idea: Air to Earth (wall)

Hey guys,

looking for feedback on a slightly mad, and definitely show-off, spell that I came to ponder when I couldn't for the life of mine find a reversed Earth to Air spell:

Air to Earth (Earth College; Regular)

The missing and highly spectacular counterpart to ''Earth to Air'' (M25, which can convert both Earth and Stone to Air; with a nod to the ''Flesh to Stone'' (M51)/''Stone to Flesh'' (M53) couple in the Earth college for energy costs).

Unlike Create Earth, which simply conjures Earth in a slow and controlled fashion while displacing some air, Air to Earth converts ambient air to packed earth or stone to create a solid wall. Yes, even a ''Force Wall'' would be cheaper, but not nearly as permanent to block a passage, and the sequential or Link-ed casting of Create/Shape Earth and Earth to Stone just doesn't cut it.

The caveat (or bonus?): Air weighs about 1.3 kg/m while packed earth weigh 700-800 kg/m and stone anywhere from 1600 kg/m (basalt) to 3200 kg/m (granite). You thus need somewhere around 30 rooms full of air (sized h2w4L5 m) that will be rushing in ''fast'' if you decide to make a h2w0.5L4 m wall of stone.

Thus, when the spell is cast, anybody in 10y distance of where it coalesces during the 10 seconds of casting must make a HT-2 roll vs. becoming deaf (roll once per hour to recover) and suffers 1d-2 cr. damage (creatures made of air or spellcasters using Body of Air suffer 2d cr. damage instead, compare ''Concussion'', ''Thunderclap'' and similar spells). If cast underground or in other enclosed spaces, this might very well create a vacuum and kill everybody (see ''Vacuum'', B437 and ''Suffocation'', B436).

Duration: Permanent
Cost: 20 to cast for a stone wall 2y high, 0.5y thick and up to 4y long (Note: I'd rather have a per-yard long cost, but this drastically changes air usage and thus area of effect and damage - any ideas to put it in a semi-manageable formula here?).
Time to cast: 10 seconds.
Prerequisite: Create Earth, Earth to Air.
Item: Staff with a $1,000 lapis lazuli. Energy cost to create: 4,000.

Thanks for constructive feedback,
Liantefaron - Hunter of Spiders
Woodelven Ranger

Real Name: Christopher. (with my GCA-datafiles) has perished in 2012. Try an version if you need them.
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