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Default Re: Adding Clerical Rank

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
If the 'rabble' got organized enough, they might become a monastery or (with larger numbers and more settlements) a full monastic order, because that's basically how those tended to develop. If they're officially recognized, they may get full Clerical Rank in the faith that they're part of.
If we're going off Abrahamic/biblical tropes, they're more likely to have the official clergy of their faith as enemies, since their whole shtick and reason for living in the wilderness is that their critiques are... displeasing to those in power.

That actually gives me a good idea for how to fit delver clerics into sword and sorcery. Clerics tend to be charitable, compassionate, selfless, etc. They probably get in lots of trouble with the corrupt Templar-priests who run town on behalf of the Sorcerer-Kings. Not so much because they are compassionate and charitable as because they make the templars very aware that they should be too and aren't. If the clerics open their mouths that just makes it worse. Clerics who don't spend a lot of time in the wilderness delving probably eventually wind up in prison or worse.
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