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Default how much does it cost for Great Ward to protect Area spells from Dispel Magic?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
You can use Ward/Great Ward vs. anything; it need not be an attack on a person, although that's most often what you'll want to block.
M122 mentions that the cost of Great Ward is "1 per subject protected".

So for example if an Area spell were (a base cost: radius 1y) targeting a hex with a dozen inch-tall fairies, a simple "Ward" (3 energy) could only protect a single fairy (long as you can 'see' them, not sure if that needs a Vision check if they're rather tiny?) but for GW to protect all twelve, it would take 12 energy?

However I'm wondering how 'subject' works when what you're trying to defend isn't a person, but a spell itself. When you're preventing a magic spell from needing to roll to resist Dispel Magic (M126) by having Dispel Magic ignore them.

Would an entire Area spell be a single subject, or would you count each hex of an Area spell as being a distinct subject, where you only protect the hexes you choose (and pay for) from Dispel Magic?

I'm also wondering, if you're not around to actively cast Great Ward to protect an area or group, could you cast Link on Great Ward to park it so it only goes off once a Dispel Magic is cast? I'm not sure if Link can be cast on Blocking spells. I know Dispel can't (1 second delay) but Link says it's instant.
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