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Default Foof Gun Card Star Munchkin Inquiry

Foof Gun
+6 Bonus, not usable by Bounty Hunter
If you use the Foof Gun to win (you do not have to use it), the monster(s) are teleported away, leaving their treasure. Nobody earns levels or other bonuses because there is no "kill."

So from my understanding, if you choose to use the +6 bonus to benefit you in combat to beat a monster. the monster gets teleported away and you don't receive a level, only treasure? or is this an option where regardless you get the +6 bonus and you can choose whether or not to teleport your monster away?

because my friends are under the impression that you get the +6 bonus regardless if you choose to use its ability to teleport a monster away or not. or another example they stated was regardless of the monsters level even though you can't win you could teleport it away and grab its treasure

Hope you can help with clarification.

Best Regards,

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Default Re: Foof Gun Card Star Munchkin Inquiry

The monster is only teleported away if you win the combat while using the Foof Gun.

In other words, you have two choices:

1. Do not use the Foof Gun (and its +6 bonus) and fight the combat normally.

2. Use the Foof Gun's +6 bonus to win the combat normally by superior combat strength. The monsters are then teleported away and you get no levels.

In other words, its special ability is _not_ "Teleport the monsters away". It is "If you win the combat with the +6, then teleport the monsters away".

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