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Default Re: [Basic] Skill of the week: Esoteric Medicine

I've been reminded some weeks ago that germ theory of disease has been an esoteric fringe theory for three hundred years before it became accepted by the mainstream medical community. I wonder if it would qualify for Esoteric Medicine until the 1850s, when Physician appropriated it.
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Default Re: [Basic] Skill of the week: Esoteric Medicine

I'd really like to see 'esoteric medicine' removed and just introduce something like:
Skill Traditions
It's possible for a setting to include multiple somewhat variant traditions on technical skills, which have generally equivalent effectiveness but use somewhat different techniques, terminology, and tools. When people from different traditions try to discuss technical issues, treat communication as Accented or Broken depending on how similar the traditions are to one another. The same penalty applies when dealing with merchants selling materials, plus they may not have what you need at all.

This is normally a 0 point feature, but may be a quirk if your tradition is rare or deprecated (must have 2+ points between the skill and any associated perks). Being trained in multiple traditions is a perk. A variant tradition that is actually more or less effective than the normal version is typically a limited modified TL.
Exotic Medicine
You are trained at treating ailments that regular doctors are inexperienced or incapable of treating. This is usually for supernatural ailments, but could also apply to illnesses from far off lands. Each unusual category is its own perk.
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