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Moe Lane
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Default Qwertyuiop (Celestial)

Qwertyuiop (Celestial)

This Discord is confusing to both the Host and the Horde: it is clearly a Celestial Discord (which means one that interferes with Essence collection on a regular basis), but otherwise it doesn't actually do anything. It should - anyone who detects the Discord can tell you that there is something definitely, well, Discordant about it - but nobody can even begin to tell you what. The sufferers from it are themselves noticeably unable to discuss the Discord, or even how it feels, in anything resembling a coherent fashion: the best that can be said about it is that the condition is not actively painful. Interestingly enough, once Qwertyuiop manifests in a celestial it seems slightly more likely than average to manifest again if the angel or demon converts dissonance into Discord.

All of this is actually cause for some quiet worry, not to mention research.

Impudites of the War, Ofanim of the Sword, and any right-handed celestial add the level of this Discord to their dissonance rolls!
Moe Lane

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