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Default [WWII] Bloch M.B. 174 reconnaissance bomber (France)

Bloch M.B. 174 reconnaissance bomber
Copyright 2010 by Brandon Cope

The French sought a multi-role twin-engine aircraft in 1936,. This eventually lead to the M.B. 174 reconnaissance bomber, but waffling over what role was most important resulted in less than 60 (including pre-production aircraft) being ready in the spring of 1940. Distinctive features included a fully glazed nose, a 'greenhouse' canopy holding pilot and dorsal gunner, and twin rudders. The plane did perform its role well, however, and many survived combat with the Germans, only to be destroyed by their crews rather than surrender them. Only a few survived with the Vichy French in Tunisia.

Crew consists of a pilot (who also fires the wing guns), bombardier/observer, dorsal gunner/observer ad ventral and gunner/radio operator. The M.B. 174A3 uses 73.8 gallons of aviation fuel per hour at routine usage.

Subassemblies: Light Fighter-Bomber chassis +3, Medium Fighter-Bomber Wings +3, two Large Weapon engine pods +2, three retractable wheels +1.
Powertrain: 2x820-kW aerial HP gasoline engine [Pods:F] with 2x820-kW props and 570-gallon self-sealing fuel tanks [Wings and Body].
Occupancy: 4 CS Cargo: none

All: 2/3

2xAircraft LMGs/MAC 1934 [Wings:F] (500 each).
2xAircraft LMGs/MAC 1934 [Body:T] (500 each).
3xAircraft LMGs/MAC 1934 [Body:B] (500 each).

Body: Medium radio receiver and transmitter, navigation instruments, autopilot, 880-lb bomb bay.

Size: 40'x59'x12'
Payload: 2.43 tons
LWt: 7.9 tons
Volume: 312
Maint.: 31 hours
Price: $40,600

HT: 9
HP: 330 [body], 330 [each wing],*120 [each pod], 30 [each wheel]

aSpeed: 329
aAccel: 6
aDecel: 30
aMR: 7.5
aSR: 2
Stall: 84

Design Notes
Design speed was 309 mph. The historical speed has been used, as well as the actual wing area (409 square feet). For more realistic numbers, the body cost, weight and HP were doubled. Loaded weight was decreased by 5.5%.

The dorsal and ventral gun positions could also fire to the rear. Additionally, the three ventral guns were in individual wobble mounts, with one gun slightly angle to the left and the other to the right; only one of these guns could be fired at a time.

The M.B. 174 could not carry a bomb load with maximum fuel. Eight 110-lb bombs reduced fuel load by 138 gallons.

Late production models had a single 1,100-lb fuselage hardpoint.

The 25 M.B.175's were fast bombers, enlarged to allow a 1,320-lb bomb load. Most were taken over by the Germans.

After the war, the 80 M.B. 175T's were built as torpedo bombers.
A generous and sadistic GM,
Brandon Cope

GURPS 3e stuff:

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